What Would Be Life Be Like Without Internet during Covid?


More than a year into the Global pandemic, you must have realized the way new normal feels and looks. It looks more like cleansing the hands over repeatedly, staying inside, and enjoying with your friends and family on video calls. The latest typical, but with this existence of one’s life isn’t possible called The Internet. The Internet during the pandemic let millions of people worldwide become freer than ever before, all while utilizing a brightly lit screen. Be it on their phone, laptop, tablet, or their particular TV for extreme convenience. Our mobile phones, tablets, and laptop computers became our windows towards the world throughout this period. Everyone was staying indoors.

The Internet and the COVID pandemic: how are people stuck at home with no difficulty? 

  • The pandemic has pushed the complete world into a work-from-home experience. Some doctors may counsel their patients online. Courts moved to online hearings. If it was not for the Internet, none of these things could have been possible. People have evolved through the way we used the Internet 25 years ago.
  • The Internet is becoming as essential as food, water, shelter for people during the pandemic than ever before. You might be amazed, but with no Internet, the pandemic is a complete lot tougher to navigate.
  • Things would come to your doorstep on an online portal if you ordered it. You wouldn’t have to step out at all. Medicines, daily essentials, perishables, and a chair that resembled your office desk all arrived from viewing, choosing, selecting, and placing a purchase online.
  • But this is not enough. Billions of people around the globe turned to the Internet to do something they never did before: Reaching out to a much bigger audience. Folks from anywhere could now attend virtual concerts, tune in to their favourite author talks, learn cooking. People also discovered to teach online and use the Internet as a medium to spread happiness further.
  • Calling and talking to relatives and buddies became more regular with the help of the Internet – people are saving time from being outdoors.

Is it possible to ever imagine your life without the Internet? The length of time is it feasible for you to get without a web connection? Older generations have resided without the use of the Internet, but can you?

Let’s dig deeper into the details

What your life looks like without Internet?

Existence without proper Internet in 2021; could this be feasible in your world?

As far you have got no reason to worry about web connectivity. But it’s interesting to know very well what your life will be like without the Internet?

In ancient times, when people were offline, there was no existence of the Internet in the world. Thankfully, a year later, everything changed. The worldwide web came into your lives, towns expanded, water irrigation watered your fields, and the global world was filled with light and colour.

But what would it look like to end up without Internet? Would you dare to live in such a terrible scenario? Let’s have a look at this scenario that sounds terrible.

1-You may have to head out to the street to do your shopping.

Did you know those places where people go and shop? You’d have to go shopping indeed if you didn’t have an internet connection.

Imagine that situation. If you need to purchase a USB cable (as an example), you have to get down from the couch, get dressed, and be forced to go outside the cold weather. And on top of this, you are asked to shop just during opening hours. Would it be well worth living like this?

2-You may need to look at maps to reach your desired places

You can have the good fortune to live in a time when maps are no longer needed.

These were the days when it was necessary to look in a book (hundreds of pages) or on a map (who was regularly anointed) to find a way to get to another city or on the road. And no one understood that; no word would guide you in your way. Some people (desperate) were careless enough to ask other passers-by about the best way to get to their destination.

3-You may be badly informed about life without the Internet

Today, Google saves your precious time. But imagine if it wasn’t. 

Fortunately, you have access to all the information provided by the Internet so that you can easily read necessary information, learn more about Planck’s progress or find out who owns a coffee shop in your nearby places.

4-You would be so bored in life without the Internet

Imagine you don’t have a smartphone, and you need to take a train ride and didn’t able to access the signal properly. You know already how frustrated you feel every time you lose signal, so imagine that scenario twenty-four hours a day.

There was a time when things were like this, and to make life interesting and worthy, people often made fun of their dear ones and tried to do thoughtless activities like reading books on paper or looking at pedestrians. Luckily, people were happy! the way they were living their lives.

But now, even during these tough times of pandemics, it is almost impossible to live without the Internet.

Reasons why people cannot live without Internet during Covid

Every aspect of people’s life is connected to the Internet.

  • Having no internet suggests a huge effect on global businesses running online, which will cause a huge financial crisis.
  • Stock will crash, people will lose a job. In modern days we count on the net more than ever before. Today, there is absolutely no industry where net and technology just aren’t used, and it’s everywhere.
  • Today business runs entirely based on the Internet.
  • Numerous people will undoubtedly be worried about not being able to shop online.
  • They are Unable to binge-watch their favourite series, to see their loved ones on movie nights, or even cannot see what’s taking place in other’s life through their social account.
  • Millions of people during this covid-19 situation are on work from home jobs; students are taking online education due to school closure, many are dependent on their essentials through online shopping- these can all be possible with the use of the Internet.

Among most of the reasons for using the Internet during COVID-19, there are inequalities expressed due to the same- the digital divide is not only the most obvious but also among the most surprising. Even in developed countries, internet access is often lower than you might think.

  • Billions of people are going online to stay in contact during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
  • But nearly half of the people world has no access to the network.
  • Less than 1 in 5 people in all developed countries are linked.
  • This digital impact on women is more than men.

The online world is the response to various coronavirus lockdown problems, from schools setting online training to the company asking staff for a home-based job.

But what in regards to the vast amounts of people who cannot get online?

Statistics of people who cannot get access to the Internet during covid

  • More than 6% of people (21 million people) do not have high-speed connections. In Australia, the figure is 13%. Even in the richest countries in the world, the web cannot keep everyone connected.
  • Globally, more than half of households (55%) have internet access, according to UNESCO. In developed countries, 87% are connected compared to 47% in under developing countries.
  • In all, 3.7 billion people do not have access to the Internet. Most are in poorer countries,
  • 19 million offline homes in the United States are in rural areas.
  • 157 million Americans do not use the Internet at broadband speeds.

-“Without proper broadband connectivity, these communities cannot start or run a modern business, access telemedicine, take a class online, convert their farm values ​​, or research an online school project,” says Smith Jones, who provides Assignment help to students online.

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  • At least 463 million – or 31 per cent – of schoolchildren worldwide cannot be reached by electronic and broadcast remote learning programs.
  • In countries like Africa, Asia, and South America, women are 30-50% less likely than men who use the Internet to participate in public health. Globally, women have a 23% lower chance of men using mobile Internet.

NOTE-UNESCO and ITU’s Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development has set a goal to connect 75% of the world’s population to high-speed Internet via cable or wireless by 2025.


Covid-19 makes it clearer than ever: internet access should be a global right. The Internet has reduced the lifetime of locks to millions. But millions more are no longer able to access the internet, and that is wrong.

In the wake of the Covid-19 epidemic, we expect a major shift in digital use that impacts all aspects of work and health. So, everyone around the world should be given equal access to internet connectivity.

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