Lifestyle factors for healthy living


We all want to live a healthy, wholesome, and long life. We all want to see our children grow up, and have their own children, but it is all contingent on the lifestyle choices we make.

The better we cater to our health and bodies, the better they’d sustain us. While you cannot alter factors like your environment and your genes, you can make healthy lifestyle changes that will not only promote longevity, but also save you from chronic ailments.

There are many choices that we make, unbeknownst to us, that have a grave impact on our health.

We might not even consider these habits important enough, but it is not until we get miscellaneous pains and aches that have us rushing to our General Physician in Lahore that we realize something is amiss.

It is therefore vital that we take active steps in making healthier lifestyle choices. Some factors to consider include:


Food is not just fuel for your body, it also plays an important role in your overall health. If you don’t eat healthy food, you not only deprive your body essential nutrients, but it also increases the risk of disease.

Hence, make sure to take a good and healthy diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. Instead of refined flour, go for wholegrain. Moreover, eat good fats, the ones found in olive oil, fatty fish, and nuts. Cut back on the other fried food.

Also watch your cooking technique; if you use too much oil, or tend to fry everything, you also need to change that then.


Most of us fail to account for our sleep. We either neglect it in favor of work, exams, deadlines, and chores, or we do not sleep at the right time. Both factors have a dire impact on our life.

Lack of quality shuteye is linked to a wide range of chronic ailments, including heart disease and diabetes. Moreover, it also leads to increased risk of obesity, which in it of itself is a harbinger of problems.

Therefore, it is pertinent that you be considerate about your sleep. Adults need around 7 to 9 hours of sleep. To sleep at time, you might need to practice sleep hygiene; make sure to go to bed at the same time. If you use screens before bedtime, you will find it harder to sleep.

Similarly, eating when in bed can also cause you trouble in sleeping. As we are creatures of habit, try to sleep and wake up at same time.

Smoking is a no

Even after presence of extensive research that points to the grave impact of smoking, many people do it willingly still. It not only carries the risk of lung and other types of cancers, but it also leads to cardiovascular diseases, jeopardizes essential functions in the body and greatly lowers life expectancy.

Hence, make sure that you take steps to remove cigarettes and its derivatives –that also includes vapes –from your life.

Mental health

Being healthy does not only mean having a functioning body, but it also means that your mental health is also in top shape. Moreover, many mental health problems like stress and depression also then affect the physical health.

Hence, in order to life a healthy and wholesome life, also account for your mental health. If you have anxiety, stress, or are feeling blue, you should visit a therapist or a psychologist for much-needed help.

Go to the doctor

Another principle of healthy living is keeping up with the regular and timely visits to the doctor. As we grow older, our aging cells run into more trouble. The symptoms of many diseases do not manifest until it’s too late.

Therefore, make sure that you visit your General Physician in Islamabad with regularity, to check for the risk of ailments. A timely intervention naturally offers a better prognosis.

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