What are the main characteristics of an effective Contact page for a small business website?


A contact page is a web page where visitors get in touch with the company, and it usually contains the company’s contact information and a contact form. 

Although contact pages might easily be overlooked, they have a critical role in converting visitors into leads and customers. 

An effective contact page provides a good user experience which is vitally important for small businesses. Even if a visitor doesn’t have a specific question that influences his decision-making process, the opportunity to interact with the company builds his trust and relationship with them.

Aleph Website is a team of experts who’s been helping many small businesses and entrepreneurs improve their businesses by creating great contact pages!

Take a look at what they say about how to create an effective contact page that contributes to lead and sales generation. 

  1. Contact page has to contain essential elements.

Every contact page is unique at some point. However, several essential elements should find their places on the page, such as email, phone number, address and contact form. Besides them, a contact page should contain social media accounts, an image, text describing the contact process.

Contact form is a great way to generate leads and offer customer support. It has to be as short as possible and contains relevant queries. 

  1. Contact page has to be Search Engine optimized.

Even though most websites focus on the Homepage and make all efforts to improve their rank position, the SEO for the contact page shouldn’t be overlooked. 

A well-optimized contact page may serve as a landing page, so it can drastically increase lead and sales generation. 

Therefore, we need to focus on ranking our contact page to make more conversions. 

Learn more about  How to do Contact page SEO for higher conversions!

  1. Contact page has to be well-designed 

Regarding design, the contact page needs special attention just like other web pages. We should consider fonts, colors, positions of different features, etc. 

Contact page elements have to be in harmony with one another, just like the entire page has to be balanced with other web pages. 

There are many amazing examples of Contact pages we can learn from.

One of them is undoubtedly amazing Zero Code’s contact page which fulfills all criteria of an effective contact page

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