Ways to be Prepared Incase of an Emergency


These past two years, we have seen lots of uncertainty with almost everything. We have seen many stores often be out of stock with some of our favorite food items and some of our staples. The issues with shipping and inflation have left many families a little nervous and uneasy about their ability to continue to provide for their families. Now would be the best time to prepare for the uncertain times, because as we have seen, often we can not rely on our grocery store to have all of our necessities when we need them.  The “preppers” that many once poked fun at, now do not seem so crazy. Here are some great ideas on how to be prepared incase of emergencies. It can seem daunting at first, so let’s look at some ideas that are basic and easy to start with. 

Food Storage

The easiest way to build up a food storage is to do a little bit at a time. Some people might look at food storage as a giant stock pile of canned goods or ready to eat meals in case of an emergency and think that it is too expensive to buy all of that at once. Although it can look this way, a food storage can be made simple. Everytime you go to the store, just pick up a couple of extra items that you are already planning on buying, and buy a few more of them. Instead of buying one carton of eggs, buy three. Make sure you rotate them in your fridge as you use them. If you want to have lots of canned goods, make sure you only buy items that you already often eat or you know your family will eat. Do not buy something that you do not like or do not know how to cook with, just for the sake of storage. Some key points of creating a good food storage are: 

  • Buy what you like to eat
  • Buy small amounts at a time 
  • Buy the staples like flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, yeast.
  • Make sure you have some sort of extra water supply. You do not have to buy this, you can fill empty gallons of juice with water once you are finished with them. You can store them under sinks, in basements, or in the backs of closets. 

Backup Generator

In preparing for emergencies, food is not the only thing you will want to have on hand. In case of a natural disaster, often the first thing that you lose access to is power. If you live in a cold state or a super hot state, power will be very important as you will be relying on heat or air conditioning. This is where a backup generator could very well be a life saver. A backup generator will kick on when your home loses power, and will be able to continue to power your entire home including your refrigerator. All that extra food you have saved in the freezer and fridge will become useless if the power to your refrigerator is gone. 

Idaho Falls Electrician

In Idaho Falls, it frequently gets below freezing and often even gets below zero. A backup generator will kick on when you lose power, and will be able to continue to power your entire home including your refrigerator. Navigating which generator and how big of a generator will depend on the size of your home, your budget, and what you plan to do with it. An Idaho Falls electrician will easily be able to help you out with this and can help you get it set up in your home. 

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