Major Depressive Disorder: Five Natural Ways to Manage its Symptoms 


Major depressive disorder is among the most common mental health disorders these days. It’s characterized by persistent sadness, loss of interest in everyday life activities, constant fatigue, body aches, suicidal thoughts, and more.  

According to statistics, around 264 million adults from around the world have depression. It includes both men and women. Although antidepressants work well for depression, it isn’t a permanent cure and has various side effects. Therefore, I suggest you try natural remedies to put depression to sleep. Some of the effective ones are as follows:  

Herbs and Plants  

Unlike allopathic medicines, herbs and plants are totally safe and they bring along no side effects. Thus, I highly recommend ditching antidepressants and going for herbs and plants instead. Thankfully, a lot of herbs and plants are naturally loaded with healing properties and therefore, they work well for the symptoms of depression. A few examples of such natural antidepressants are valerian root, chamomile, ashwagandha, and plus CBD oil

Body Massage  

Another efficient way to release stress and keep depression at bay is by getting a body massage. The gentle strokes of massage not only lower your stress levels but also decrease fatigue and uplift your mood by increasing the number of endorphins in your bloodstream. Plus, it is extremely beneficial for better blood circulation and metabolism. Hence, you must go for a body massage twice a week for fruitful results.  


Speaking of chronic stress and depression, there is no way one doesn’t talk about meditation. It is a holistic treatment method that provides you with mental clarity and changes the way you look at things. When you perceive things differently, you naturally feel better. For this, I recommend everyone to practice mindfulness-based meditation at least twice a day. It won’t take more than ten minutes of your time and I’m confident you’ll be more than satisfied with the results.  

Talking to a Friend  

Major depressive disorder is often a result of bottled-up emotions. It is the trauma that you cannot get over but refrain from talking about. Well, talking to a friend or a family member always helps in this regard. When you share your thoughts and feelings with a friend, it lifts the pressure off your chest. It is mainly why you feel less stressed after talking to a loved one. In case you’re not comfortable talking to a friend, you can join a support group. It is equally beneficial.  

A Warm Bath  

Make sure to end your day with a warm bath, be it stress, anxiety, or depression. People with major depressive disorder prefer sitting alone and spending time with their thoughts, so why not make it fruitful? Spend time with yourself while soaking yourself in lukewarm water. While you may not realize it, water has natural relaxing properties. It can lower the levels of stress hormones in your body and relieve muscle tension effectively.  

Making a few lifestyle changes can certainly help you fight major depressive disorder naturally. Trust me; it isn’t something that is going to stay for long. It is a phase of life that will pass sooner or later. I wish you well, my friends! 

Michael Caine
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