Making a Short Animated Video for My First Internet Job


When was the first time you saw a 2D animation (not a cartoon)? I can remember being fascinated by them when I was a child. It was the Star Wars movies that really captured my attention. Many other movies followed suit, and I still love to watch some of those to this day. My fascination with animation started much later in life when I was a college student. In fact, many of my friends and colleagues at school were often amazed when I would start up a new animation project of some kind.

Of course, I always used a personal computer, and then a rental video

However, something was missing. The animation was just too amazing to be done any other way. After working on a couple of these projects, I decided to give drawing and painting a try, and I discovered that the technology was available.

I was fascinated by the possibilities of using the latest computer technology to create animation. First off, I wanted to learn how to use 3D animation so I could give my drawings some serious consideration. My first attempts were not very interesting, but I was still impressed by the technology. The next step was to actually build some animation software to see if I could make some videos.

I Used the Very Basic Software That Was Available

Which was a Movie Studio video editing program? I actually never completed the entire project, but I know it was something that could be done with basic computers. The problem was that there just weren’t many options at all. There were some options that looked pretty decent, but they just weren’t able to provide the true visual beauty that I wanted.

Then my friend showed me an animation program that he had created called After Effects. He used it on his Mac, and it was an absolute joy to work with. You could really see the visual quality of the animation, and it was very easy for someone who wasn’t used to creating animation in this way. It just didn’t look like animation at all; it looked more like a documentary click here.

Once you get comfortable with After Effects

It was time to move onto Flash and figure out how to animate the photos that I already had on my computer. Again, there weren’t many options, but there was a pretty easy way to go about it. Instead of using Photoshop, I opened up the Flash tool and simply started adding the text to the templates that were already there. It took a bit of trial and error, but I was able to add my own voice to the template. It was actually quite enjoyable, and it gave me an option if there were any problems with the animation

It Was Then That I Decided To Try Using an Animated Avatar Instead Of Just Text

Again, there were some problems, but I was able to customize the video and add sound to it. By adding in my own animation, I was able to make a video that looked even better than the ones that were already out there.

This whole process took me about a week, which is actually pretty short for a job likes this. A week would be great because it means I would get to practice my skills, and my finished animation would be even better. I would be able to show my friends and family what I could do, and I would be able to sell my first animation online and make money from it. After a few weeks, it would be easier to draw in some profit, and I would have a nice income coming in each month!

Alex Walker
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