Top Hardware And Software Services To Offer In Your Computer Repair Shop


It is no secret that computer repair has changed a lot in 2021. The computer repair industry is growing faster and faster every year, as it’s clear to see. That’s because, unlike smartphones, computers are way more complex machines.

Users may find a software installation so intimidating that they will go to a computer repair shop for assistance. But, of course, it’s not just about the program. A lot goes into the hardware on these machines too!

So we evenly divided it into two parts – hardware services and software services that you can offer through your computer repair store software to earn more revenue.

Part 1 – Hardware Services

The computer’s structure has a lot of components. For example, there’s a keyboard, a touchpad/mouse, a monitor/screen, hard drives, a fan, and so on.

Because the health of all these computer hardware components is crucial to the machine’s longevity, you should be prepared to repair it.

Here are a few standard hardware services that you can offer:

1. Screen Replacement

First, you must use a PC or laptop screen replacement service for all PCs and laptops. It’s ideal to ask your consumers to provide the model and an image of the damaged screen before they arrive at your store.

If you go to the screen’s settings, you may be able to do so without uninstalling previous versions of Android. If not, follow this method to check for damage and order a new display if necessary.

2. Heat Repair

Users of PCs are frequently subjected to this. They have a natural inclination to utilize their computers and ignore the noises emanating from them. Then, it’s the fan, telling them to take a break from using it and giving the machine some rest or at least a thorough cleaning.

But no, the users will run the program until its death and then seek assistance from you. And there you’ll be, ready to clean, cool off, and preserve or replace your customers’ computers’ and laptops’ fans.

3. Battery Replacement

The battery is the laptop’s lifeblood. If it dies, the entire system shuts down.

However, the battery may not be able to operate for a variety of causes. For example, it may be because of a bad charging cable or perhaps the charging port on your laptop. So have the complete set of computer repair tools ready to bring back the laptop’s battery.

4. Touchpad Repair

Touchpads on laptops are… Well, touchy! They won’t function unless they’re handled correctly. The touchpad is ruined if just a little oil or a drop of water is used.

You can always propose to replace the touchpad with a mouse and move on. Alternatively, you may be a relationship saver by repairing the touchpad and instructing your customer to take care of it.

5. Keyboard Repair

Computer keyboard repair is considerably easier than laptop repairs. Because keyboards are not built-in and can be readily replaced, most notably because there is no upper limit for the computer model. One keyboard may be utilized with any number of computers.

But the keyboard repair of a laptop? Whoof!

Because the keyboard is the base of a laptop’s body, it’s difficult to simply chop off and replace it. As a result, repairing sticky, stubborn, and useless keys necessitates considerable technical know-how.

6. Ports Repair

Let’s speak about the hundreds of ports on laptops and PCs. At least one will undoubtedly be misused.

There are various input/output ports (for example, USBs, headphones jacks, VGA port, Ethernet port, card reader) and an AC power jack. In addition, there are many other features to consider while calculating the cost of repairs. Offer to repair any model available. Also, offer your services for checking other ports.

It will make a favorable first impression and help you win your consumers’ affection.

7. Computer Tune-Ups

Because a computer, like any other machine, is made up of numerous components, it must be inspected regularly. In addition, as a computer doctor, you must have a distinct technique for addressing every circumstance.

For instance, do a complete examination, some internal cleaning, and fixing of all programs, as well as a virus and malware check, followed by a reboot.

With our computer software for business, you may combine all of these services into a package deal.

When you’ve finished your tune-up services, inform the customer about everything you did to their computer or laptop, what problems you encountered, and what they should avoid in the future.

8. Computer Body Shop

Customers have a short memory when it comes to their gadgets. So when you tell someone they have a battery issue, they’ll be quick to respond:

“Shoot, I’ve got to buy a new one!”

But no, don’t let them do it.

Simply tell them they need a new battery, and the problem will be resolved. It would be much nicer if you also offered computer and laptop accessory sales.

So you may give their gadget a fresh coat of paint and turn it into something brand new. Your repair tracking software will keep track of all computer components and accessories in your store.

Don’t forget to give your customers a warranty, regardless of what sort of computer repair service you offer them.

Part 2 – Software Services

Software is an essential part of the computer. It’s just like the brain of the computer, without which the hardware won’t function properly. So here are a few software services that you can offer.

9. Virus Removal

A computer can be infected with malware. Eradicating viruses necessitates extensive expertise that most computer users do not possess.

10. Data Recovery

When a customer deletes a file or the hard disk crashes, all their data is destroyed from sight. If it was essential (such as photographs from the customer’s last vacation), they would want to recover it ASAP before anything else happens to it.

To re-create the hard drive directory structure, which must appear identical before losing any data, utilize specific tools.

11. Operating System Reinstallation/Repair

Suppose a customer experiences problems with an older version of Microsoft Windows or Apple’s OS X. In that case, they might need to reinstall the operating system before being repaired.

So you can offer reinstallation or repair of the operating system through your repair tracking software.

12. Wireless Network Installation/Troubleshooting

Set up a wireless network at your repair shop. From updating routers and network cards to optimizing the wireless signal strength, you’ll have it all under control.

Happy Repairing!

In 2022, you’ll need to up your computer repair game. First, you can get the point of sales software for all these computer repairs services. Then, you can customize and expand it according to your needs.

Tell your consumers that you provide a wide range of computer services, parts, and tips to help them keep their computers functioning correctly and for as long as possible. Allocate space to the most advantageous offers and services to attract consumers.

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