Medical Info to Know Before Having Circumcision Surgery for Adults


Almost all surgical procedures can be performed on both females and males, but circumcision surgery for adults is only for men. The surgery is done on men of all ages, starting from childhood to late adulthood. So, when they plan to have the surgical procedure, it is essential to know about the medical info related to the surgery.

What is Circumcision Surgery for Adults Procedure?

The first thing that men should understand about the surgery is how it is done. It is a straightforward process in which the excess foreskin that covers the tip of the penis is removed. The surgeon marks the skin that has to be cut with different tools and techniques discussed further in the article.

Medical Information Men Need to Know

Although circumcision is a simple procedure that involves cutting the skin of the penis, complications often occur because of neglect on the part of the patient and a surgeon, or the patient’s physical condition is also a contributing factor. To avoid complications in the surgery, men should have the following medical info.

Reasons for Having the Surgery

Men have several reasons for undergoing this specific medical procedure. They might suffer from different penile conditions, sexually transmitted diseases, infections, and cancers affecting both men and women. Another reason is that men want to join a religious or cultural community. Some males have the surgery just because they want to be popular with others.

Therapeutic Advantages of Having the Surgery

As discussed above, men have the surgery because they want to avoid some medical condition related to the penis. So, when they have circumcision, they have the following therapeutic advantages.

  1. Reducing the potential threat of having STIs and STDs.
  2. Men can avoid different penile conditions like Phimosis, Paraphimosis, Balanitis, Balanoposthitis, and UTI.
  3. Males also can take care of their hygiene in the most appropriate way.

Are There any Risks involved?

Many people think that there is a high ratio of risks involved with adult circumcision in Atlanta. The risks, including bleeding, infection, anesthetic reaction, foreskin problems, complications in the wound, are there like in any other surgical procedure, but men should not be worried as they go away after proper post-surgery care. 

Pre and Post-Surgical Instructions

When you decide to have the circumcision surgery procedure and visit various clinics and medical facilities like Circumcision Center, the surgeon gives you instructions on how to prepare for the surgical procedure before and precautions to take afterward. These instructions include avoiding smoking, drinking, blood-thinning medicines, rigorous exercises, taking the proper medication, and taking care of hygiene regularly.

Type of Anesthesia to Administer

It has been discussed that men could have a severe reaction to anesthesia; so, men should know the types of anesthesia that a surgeon can administer. The types of anesthesia that surgeons can use are general, local, regional anesthesia, and nerve blocking agents.

Tools used for the Procedure

Men have the freedom to select amongst several tool options for the surgery, which include Gomco and Mogen Clamp, Plastibell, Shang ring, Prepex, Circumplast, Tara, Smart, and Ali’s Klamp. The surgeon will inform the patients of the available tools and ask the patients which one they prefer.

Which is the Best Adult Circumcision Technique?

Many males choose the traditional way of surgery that involves cutting the skin with a surgical knife and then stitching up the wound. But for men who want to experience less pain and blood, the surgeon recommends that they have the surgery through the tools mentioned in the previous point. 

Time Taken for Recovery

The circumcision wound is healed within ten days of the surgery, but the surgeon instructs the patients to wait for three to four weeks to continue their routine correctly. This precautionary time is given so that the wound is healed and doesn’t open during this time.

The Appearance of Penis After the Surgery

Many individuals think that the size of the penis decreases after circumcision surgery for adults, but it is a myth that is spread by people who oppose it. The main visible difference is that the glans is revealed after the foreskin from the tip of the penis is removed.

The detailed medical info in this article should have made some points clear about circumcision surgery. Below are some FAQs that will guide you further in understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does circumcision surgery take for adults?

Usually, circumcision surgery for adults takes one hour to complete. Still, it might take longer depending on how quickly anesthesia takes effect if the surgeon is skilled to complete the procedure in time, and which tool and technique are selected.

Can a grown man get circumcised?

During ancient times, it was a concept that circumcision was done only either on newly born babies or young boys. But today, grown-ups can also have the surgery because of several medical reasons discussed in the above points.

Is circumcision surgery painful?

No, the surgery is not painful because surgeons use anesthesia and pain killers to reduce the agony suffered by the patient during and after circumcision.

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