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This isn’t the very first time when you are trying to choose mobile app automation testing tools. You have done this before, and every time, you end up with so many options. Choosing anyone among the lot can be really confusing, especially with so many options around. But, there are some significant points that you need to address before finalizing the mobile application automation testing tools

Checking out the factors first:

Right from Kobiton to Test Project, Perfecto, to even Katalon Studio, you have so many automation testing tools available. But, which one should you go for? Well, there are certain factors that you better consider while selecting any one of the mobile automation tools. Check, if you want to know more about those factors. Let’s focus on those factors first:

  • Learn about your desired platform support, like either Android or iOS.
  • Be sure to check out the update and support policy of the mobile automation tool that you get directly from the vendor’s side.
  • Make sure to learn about the software or hardware requirements of the testing tool before finalizing it.
  • It is always a good trick to learn about the costs associated with training employees on the tool.
  • For the outsourcing project, you have to factor in the client or customer preference of the chosen mobile testing tool.
  • If needed, make sure to learn about the license cost at the same time.

How to select the right automation tools:

You know the factors to consider while selecting the right mobile app automation tool from the points mentioned above. Now, it is important to learn how you can select the right tool.

Understand the requirements of your projects thoroughly:

It is crucial for maintaining the application’s quality by delivering that big-free product for any project. Automated testing will help to improve the project’s quality and increase the depth and scope of the tests. 

For this process, you need to have a deeper understanding of the project and its requirements like the scope, strength of the existing team, project type, and more before starting the procedure. There won’t be any tool, which is bad or good, but the Tool’s ROI will rely on the need.

After thoroughly analyzing the requirements of the project by the consulting members, the team will determine both automation and manual testing for testing out the mobile, web, and desktop apps. So, they will need one tool, which will seamlessly add with the project planning and the test management tools. It is quite simple to use and also easy to learn.

Target the current testing tool as the benchmark:

Most of the testers will consider the Selenium test Automation tool to be the benchmark for evaluating and determining the best-automated tool for the project. The drawbacks and the advantages must be understood before you get to evaluate some other tools.

Selenium is an open-source and free tool used for testing multiple websites and web apps. It will offer the record-playback tool for producing and recording the playback version of the test scripts. It will offer some of the language supports for JavaScript, Python, Ruby, C#, and Node.js. However, it will lack some proper customer service. 

The testing teams will use this free tool to handle the coding techniques and test the web apps using UI. Maintenance, however, is nothing less than a nightmare for the solitary tester, who has to go through automation and manual testing. So, you might have to pay a full-time developer for the upkeep help. Another challenge that comes your way with this tool is browser compatibility.

Identifying the major criteria meant for your mobile project:

Before you plan on the best-fit automation tool for your projects, there are some key points to consider. First of all, you have to check out the ease of development and maintenance of the scripts. These steps must be simple to decrease the human utilization and that of the time resource as well. On the other hand, the test suite executor needs to be simple for any project member to run easily and when required. It must be easier for the manual testers to use with no or very little technical knowledge.

It is really complicated to handle three different types of tools for mobile, desktop, and web applications. So, always select a tool that can support these three platforms all under one roof. Moreover, the test reports will build confidence. So, the reports must be simple and intuitive for the management team to understand rather easily.

The last call:

Apart from the points mentioned above, before you select the automated mobile testing tool, you need to check out the cross-browser testing capacity of the testing tool. It should support data-driven and keyword testing tool, and with greater technical assistance when the time comes. Once these points are taken into consideration, you will end up with the best-automated testing tools for mobile apps.

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