Myths About Sexual Harassment

Myths About Sexual Harassment

The government has introduced strict laws and regulations to stop sexual crimes. However, it is unfortunate that sexual harassment is still common in workplaces. Harassment can come from anyone, such as the employer, a co-worker, or even a client. Many people do not know how to react to such situations, which is why they stay quiet. 

It is important to understand that the more you remain quiet, the braver these harassers become. If someone has made you feel uncomfortable in your workspace, you must not let them get away with it. Speak to a San Antonio sexual harassment lawyer today and understand your options. 

Myths about sexual harassment 

  1. Sexual harassment only happens to females. 

When people hear the term “sexual harassment,” they immediately think about a woman getting harassed by a man. Most people believe only women face such issues in society, which is completely false. While a significant percentage of sexual harassment victims are women, men get harassment by other men as well as women. 

  1. Victims provoke sexual harassment when they dress “inappropriately”. 

No sexual harassment case in San Antonio has ever happened because of somebody’s clothes. Anyone who keeps up with the news is aware that men and women get harassed all the time regardless of whether their outfits are revealing or not. Sexual assault occurs when a person wants to exercise power over another. 

Forcing someone to engage in sexual activity is sexual harassment. It happens because of the assaulter’s way of thinking and not because of a victim’s way of dressing or actions. 

  1. Sexual harassment involves touching. 

While it is true that touching someone sexually without their consent comes under sexual harassment, it can be non-physical as well. There are many instances where a victim has been stressed due to non-physical harassment. For example, sending inappropriate pictures, telling vile jokes, name-calling, sending inappropriate emails, etc. 

  1. It is not sexual harassment if it happens after drinking or taking drugs. 

Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs does not automatically mean that someone is giving out invitations for sexual engagement. Moreover, the influence of alcohol and drugs does not cause people to assault others. If someone is trying to take advantage of you while you are in a vulnerable position or when they are drunk, it is simply their fault. 

  1. Ignoring sexual harassment will make it go away. 

One common mistake many sexual harassment victims make is trying the wait-and-see approach. They wait for the harassment to stop without actually doing something, expecting the harasser to leave them alone eventually. However, this may lead to something even worse. 


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