What Is Day Porting?


What is day porting? This service is provided by building maintenance and cleaning staff who assist the building’s staff with cleaning and other extra tasks. Day porters are part of a company’s work team, which is why they are responsible for maintaining a positive attitude and a clean environment. Some buildings require a well-organized day porter, while others may need someone who can work well under a flexible schedule. You can also research more on day porting Seattle.

Day porters provide concierge-type customer service.

Day porter services are generally hired for a facility’s public areas. Porters perform essential maintenance and cleaning duties. Some day porter duties may include front lobby support, restroom restocking, and trash removal. Like janitors, day porters perform similar tasks. However, their job duties vary depending on the needs of the facility. They generally provide general cleaning and maintenance of common areas, such as bathrooms, entrances, and lobby areas. Unlike janitors, day porters do not offer deep cleaning.

They clean the exterior and common areas.

A day porter will come to your business and remove debris, grime, and dust from the exterior of the building. They will also empty outdoor trash cans and prepare walkways for foot traffic. A day porter is just as crucial for your business’s appearance as it is for the interior. This is because a clean outside will reflect positively on your company. Regardless of the type of building you own, a day porter can make it look as lovely as possible.

They remove debris from trash cans.

Those interested in a career in day porting must be in good physical condition and have a basic understanding of customer service. This job does not require a college degree, but a high school diploma or GED is usually sufficient. Many day porter positions require extensive background checks and may involve a criminal background check. Some employers also conduct credit checks according to Fair Credit Reporting Act standards. Additionally, they may ask you to provide personal references.

The dust

Day porters focus on high-touch surfaces, such as door handles to reduce the spread of germs. A University of Arizona study found that most germs and viruses enter facilities by noon. That’s why day porters disinfect restrooms and door handles to keep the facility free of germs. These porters are trained to disinfect these areas with COVID-19 killing disinfectants, which can help prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

They maintain flower beds.

Many commercial buildings have outdoor spaces with flower beds to add color and vibrancy to the room. Day porting companies maintain these areas by watering and clearing the flower beds and placing pine straw and mulch around plants. Flower beds require frequent replacements of plants. Day porters work with the property management to decide what plants should be replaced and how to dispose of dead plants properly. They can also arrange for weeding and mowing to maintain the appearance of flower beds and ensure that the grounds remain attractive to visitors.

They maintain sanitization

In the modern world, professional sanitation is a top priority. Today porters are trained to use disinfection equipment and hygienic techniques adequately. Their job entails sanitizing objects with which employees and customers come in contact daily, such as doorknobs and other surfaces. By following the proper procedures, day porters ensure the highest sanitation standards.

They meet health regulations.

When an institution needs help meeting health regulations, day porting can help. The service is designed to maintain the facility during business hours while reducing the facility manager’s responsibility. A day porter acts quickly to address emergencies and cleans up trash from parking lots and entrances. They can also replace light bulbs and disinfect restrooms before meetings. They can also restock kitchen and conference room supplies. A day porter is also a great asset for an organization.

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