Natural Eyelash Extensions (Complete Guide)

Searching for a method to improve your eyelashes? Natural eyelash expansions are turning into an inexorably famous choice. 

They are promoted as a method to work on the presence of your lashes without using cosmetics or strip lashes. In any case, how would they work? Our complete guide will reveal to you all you require to think about Natural lash expansions. 

What Are Natural Eyelash Extensions? 

You have known about and perhaps experienced, lash extensions yet normal lash extensions are a bit more difficult than simply staying on the wrong lashes. There is a procedure to making them look completely regular, decorating your eyes without resorting to the world that you’re wearing falsies. 

Natural extensions are tied in with keeping up with your natural beauty. Extensions are applied simply to your natural lashes, hair by hair.

What Is the Secret to Natural Eyelash Extensions

The secret to natural-looking eyelash extensions is to guarantee that the extensions match your natural thickness, volume, twist, and lean. The “lean” of your eyelashes refers to the heading that your lashes point. 

A few person’s eyelashes curl up, some shelter the outside of their eyes, and some even curl down. A refined beautician will realize how to pick the Extensions to coordinate with your natural provisions. 

How much are Natural Eyelash Extensions? 

Natural Extensions can be costly. Hope to pay somewhere in the range of $125 and $200 or much more for an underlying application, relying upon what type you need and the beautician you use. Also, extensions will require supplanting about clockwork. 

Lash refills can run to $100. Be cautious about going to a salon that advertises for a lot less expensive than that — you’re probably going to get below-average extensions that will harm your regular lashes. 

How Long Do Natural Eyelash Extensions Last? 

Sometimes men, around a month and a half. It is because they are used to your natural lashes, which your body sheds. Natural lashes fill in and drop out in cycles. The whole eyelash life cycle will take somewhere in the range of four to eleven months to finish. Each eye has somewhere in the range of 90 and 150 regular lashes. Sometimes, we shed between 1 to 5 lashes each day. Since your lashes drop out, you’ll need to get a lash top off each 2 to 3 weeks. 

What Thickness Should Natural Eyelash Extensions Be? 

Natural Eyelash thickness is in the range of 0.25mm to 0.30mm. The thickness for you relies upon the thickness of your lashes. In any case, the decision additionally relies upon what your objectives are too. 

 Advantages of Natural Eyelash Extensions? 

  • The best thing about Natural eyelash extensions is that you’ll at this point don’t have to use mascara for a complete lash look. You can wake up early in the morning with eyelashes that look long and voluminous. 
  • Another benefit is that natural eyelash extension most recent half a month. In contrast to wrong lashes, which you can just wear for a couple of hours all at once, eyelash extensions just should be supplanted about each 2 to 3 weeks. 

Disadvantages of Natural Eyelash Extensions

  • Natural eyelash extensions may appear to be a wonder marvel, yet there are a lot of burdens. For one thing, they can be costly. 
  • Recollect that eyelash extensions don’t keep going forever. Since they are used to your lashes, they drop out each 2 to 3 weeks with your normal hair. 
  • Long-term use will cause harm, so stick to utilizing them for exceptional events. 


Natural Extensions are a simple style-and-go choice that is extraordinary at praising an “all-normal” look, a definite method to support your trust. Contact us today for eyelash extensions near me and get your eyelashes done from professional staff.

They will save you a lot of time and effort, cutting down your everyday cosmetics routine by almost half, so you can show up and gleam on schedule or capitalize on some extra excellent rest. 

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