Net Promoter Score: The Number You Want to Grow and How to Do It


Do you struggle to improve the overall satisfaction with your brand, or do you want to set the course for profitable growth? Just ask the right question. Rather than creating elaborate, difficult-to-analyse satisfaction surveys which discourage many from giving feedback, track your net promoter score (NPS) and act on the findings to drive a positive customer experience and further growth. 

There are many factors that play a role in company’s growth, and customer loyalty is one of them. The net promoter score is a powerful tool that can provide an insight into customer experience and promote the growth of your business. In the following paragraphs, you will learn how NPS is measured and why you want to grow your score, as well as how to make the most of the collected data. 

NPS is a standard metric used to measure the customer loyalty and judge your business against competitors. You start by asking a question: 

“How likely are you to recommend [company X] to a friend or colleague?”

The likelihood is measured on a scale from 0 to 10 and the question is usually accompanied by a text field where the customer can state the reason for their rating. Those who voted 0 to 6 are called detractors, 7 to 8 are passives, and 9 to 10 are promoters. You obviously want to grow the number of promoters who spread a good word about your business. 

Because customer loyalty is crucial for profitable growth, measuring it and acting on the findings should be one of your priorities when it comes to customer experience management. In recommending your company, the promoters actually risk their own reputation, and people do so only if they are truly satisfied. Giving the score of 9 or 10 can be considered the highest expression of customer loyalty. Research shows that asking whether one would recommend a company to someone else has the strongest correlation to repeat purchases and referrals. Various industries were considered during this research, and the abovementioned question performed best for most of them.

By finding out what generates your promoters and by growing their number, you are building a loyal marketing team that advertises your business. Growing and managing your promoters will increase revenue and customer lifetime value, reduce costs and customer effort, and improve retention

How to grow your NPS? 

Measure your score and get feedback

Ask your customers to fill in the explanation for their score. This will provide further context regarding your success or failure compared to competitor’s success. Based on this insight, you can decide whether you need a quick fix or an elaborate CX project. 

Address the findings

Understand the pain points of your business and act. Firstly, improve the relationship with your detractors by providing a resolution to their problems. Secondly, get the promoters to “work for you”. Retaining loyal customers is more effective and less costly than persuading detractors to change their opinion. Aim some of your marketing activities specifically at your promoters to give them more reasons to recommend you. 

Track your score trends over time

Collect regular feedback to learn how your NPS is changing in time. Track revenue changes and compare them to your NPS to determine whether it drives profitable growth. 

Make it a team effort

Everyone from C-suite management to individual CX specialists needs to understand the importance of NPS. Share regular updates on your score and assign tasks, so people can promptly act on the issues. Come up with a simple process to handle customer issues quickly.3 

The main takeaway from this article is that you should keep your customer satisfaction surveys simple. Unlike complex information, the data collected from NPS surveys are easy to act on. Furthermore, remember that sustainable growth stems from improving the number of your promoters while lowering the number of detractors and passives. If there is no CX department in your company, you can always outsource it and leave the job to a customer insight platform that will help you measure.

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