New Jersey Medicaid planning: Learning the basics


Do you wonder if you can pay for long-term care when you get older? What if you don’t have the means and resources to care for yourself? Medicaid can help. Funded by federal and state governments, Medicaid offers very low cost (or free) health care for people in need, including children who have limited or low incomes. States manage their own Medicaid programs, which can have different names too. If you want to get bespoke services, you must consider consulting a New Jersey Medicaid planning attorney. For your help, here is a look at the basic aspects. 


Medicaid programs in different states often have different eligibility requirements, but the basic requirements are the same. Medicaid is for people who have limited assets and a low income. There are categories within the program, and Medicaid benefits are available for disabled individuals, seniors over the age of 65, children, and pregnant women. Overall income and assets are two key pointers that matter. If you receive SSI, you would probably qualify for Medicaid in the majority of the states. Women who have been diagnosed with conditions like breast or cervical cancer can get Medicaid benefits too. 

Who can qualify for Medicaid?

Only US citizens and permanent residents can benefit from Medicaid. Appropriate documents are required for the same. 

What does the Medicaid program pay for?

It depends on the state you live in. Medicaid programs typically cover hospital bills (including outpatient bills), lab fees, long-term care, prescriptions, and the cost of transportation for medical care. In some states, Medicaid also pays for additional things like mental health services, glasses, and physical therapy. You can only get these benefits (if you qualify) from Medicaid providers. 

Do you need an attorney?

Although not mandatory, you can hire an attorney for Medicaid planning. Your lawyer will ensure that you don’t miss valuable information that may come in handy for your application. Lawyers have years of experience behind them, and with the right attorney who specializes in Elder Law, you can expect to get genuine advice on your circumstances. You don’t have to lose everything you own because you want Medicaid benefits. Your lawyer can help you with other aspects of your estate, including creating a Will. 

Check online now to find a reliable Medicaid planning service. Don’t rely on the internet for something that concerns your long-term care. Let an attorney explain how you can qualify for Medicaid, and if your claim is denied, they can also help apply against the denial.

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