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Olga Dibtseva was born on June 25, 1986 in St. Petersburg. Her father is an architect, and her mother is a teacher at the university.

“I grew up in a hyper-intellectual family, and my parents really wanted to make a person out of me. Pope Nikolai achieved everything himself: he came to Leningrad from a village in the Smolensk region, studied to be an architect, at the same time attended lectures on philosophy and collected philosophical books all his life. Mom Tatiana taught at the university. I am a late child, and the parents decided to invest everything in their daughter, ”Olga said in an interview with the“ Collection. Caravan of stories (April 2020).

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After school, the future star entered St. Petersburg State University at the Faculty of Graphic Design.

“After school, my mother helped me get me a job at the Faculty of Graphic Design at St. I drew really well and lasted six months there, but my temperament is too frenzied to draw a plaster head for six hours, “Olga said in an interview with Collection magazine. Caravan of stories (April 2020). The quote is taken from “DesireMovies

However, due to poor studies, after the first session, Dibtseva was expelled, and, despite the protest of her parents, she went to Moscow, where she auditioned for Konstantin Raikin at the Moscow Art Theater School and Alexei Borodin in GITIS.

As a result, Olga chose GITIS, which she graduated in 2009. During her studies, she played roles in performances: Monica – “Scandalous Accident”, Vera – “A Hero of Our Time” and Margarita – “Much Ado About Nothing.”

“And I spent four difficult years at GITIS. A theater university is a sect.  Mom and Dad, by the way, did not immediately believe that I entered GITIS: they suspected that I had invented it. They specially arrived, saw the institute on the stage, and only then did they not calm down a lot. But it still did not cure our relationship, “Olga said in an interview with Collection. Caravan of stories (April 2020).

In 2008, despite the ban on filming for students, Olga made her film debut, playing in the TV series “Wedding Ring”.

“During our studies, we were forbidden to act in films: we had to serve art, the stage.  And yet I started acting, while still studying. The first big role – in the series “Wedding Ring”, where a total of more than eight hundred episodes. I was so happy when I received my first salary – fifty-six thousand! ” – Olga said in an interview with the magazine “Collection. Caravan of stories (April 2020).

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The popularity of the actress was brought by the projects “On the sunny side of the street” (2011), “Loved women of Casanova” (2014), “Mylodrama” (2019), “Mylodrama 2” (2019), “How to get married. Instruction “(2019) and Kholop (2019).

In 2015, Dibtseva entered the Moscow Film School. As part of her studies with Alexei Popogrebsky and Boris Khlebnikova, she shot several short films and a teaser for the series as a director and screenwriter.

Her directorial debut, the short film Good Day, starring Alexander Pale, has won over 70 awards at Russian and international film festivals.

In 2015, after filming the TV series Concerned, the actress fell into depression and, in order to understand herself, went to a psychologist. At a group therapy session, she met her future husband, Roman. The quote is taken from “Filmyzilla

“We met, but then I could not even imagine that we would ever be together. At first, Roma annoyed me a lot: I am super-emotional, and he is too calm, like my former classmates in the design department, who could draw a plaster head for six hours in a row, “Olga said in an interview with Collection magazine. Caravan of stories (April 2020).

After some time, Olga and Roman Bocharov met again with a psychologist, after which they began to meet, and then signed and went to Venice. Until the sixth month of pregnancy, the actress starred in The Golden Ring and the TV series Mylodrama.

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“Roma warmed me with his love, healed my wounds. Did I accept a lot, although at first, I checked it for a long time: an eagle, not an eagle? We have been together for two years now.  She was not ready for pregnancy – who is even ready for it? A year ago, for filming, I had to lose weight, but I couldn’t succeed: I ate little and went in for sports. I took a test and understood the reason. As always, out of emotion, I call Roma, and he calmly: “Understood, okay, I’ll go to the meeting.” Already at home, he told me different pleasant words, – Olga said in an interview with the magazine Collection. HuniePop 2 (April 2020).

In early January 2020, the couple had a daughter.

“I gave birth myself, without any pain relief. The husband was there during childbirth. It was hard for him, especially when I shouted in pain: “Kill me!” He cried, sometimes went out the door, then came back, ”- said the actress.

A family

Spouse – Roman Bocharov, was a designer, made screensavers for STS, then became an IT manager (we met at a psychologist’s appointment, there was no wedding, they just signed and went to Venice)
Daughter – (born in early January 2020)

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