Online Blackjack Side Bets Explained – Strategy Guide


Many land-based and online casinos have introduced side bets to their blackjack tables to attract more people to play the game, while also increasing their profit margins. 

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The seemingly innocuous side bets normally only demand a modest investment, and the payouts tend to be higher than the standard blackjack payouts of even money. 


It is no secret that blackjack has a modest house advantage when using the fundamental playing technique. 

Side bets are invented by inventors to boost casino earnings, and they then attempt to sell them to gambling establishments for a profit. 

Even while many of these side bets never make it to the casino floor, those that do tend to expire soon due to a lack of interest from players. 

Royal Match:

Single-deck and multi-deck tables both feature the Royal Match side bet. 

It pays 5 to 2 if your first two given cards are suited, and 25 to 1 if your royal match is a pair of suiting Kings and Queens. 

In addition, a matched blackjack offers a 5 to 1 return on your investment. 

The house has a 3.7 percent advantage because to these player-friendly payments. 

Payouts are 3 to 1 for an Easy Match and 10 to 1 for a Royal Match in the single-deck variant. 

Over/Under 13:

If a player’s first two cards add up to more than or less than 13, he or she may place a wager.

A total of 13 is usually a bad number, and an ace is worth one point. 

The house has a 6.5 percent advantage on the Over 13 bet and a 10 percent edge on the Under 13 bet. 

When it comes to six- and eight-deck games, the side bet is typically available to players. 

This side bet has a number-crunching method that has been published by a number of experts. 

Eliot Jacobson has information on various card counting methods, including specifications and results.

Super Sevens:

As many 7s as possible are desired by the gamer. 

The action really picks up when you draw a third seven. 

Assuming his first three cards are all 7s, the payout is 500 to 1; otherwise, it is 5,001 to 1. 

The house advantage on this side bet is 12.6 percent in certain casinos when the dealer has a blackjack and the player has two sevens. 

The house advantage decreases to 11.4% if the player receives a third card from the dealer in this scenario. 

The good news is that this side bet can be beaten using a card counting method. 

Lucky Ladies:

If you play the Lucky Ladies side wager, you are hoping for a 20/20 card with two queens. 

If you have two queens of hearts and the dealer has a blackjack, you will win 1,000 to 1. 

Two queens of hearts pays 200 to 1, a matched 20 (same rank and suit) 25 to 1, a suited 20 10 to 1, and any other unmatched number of 20s pays 4 to 1 if you get them all. 

Pair Square:

If a player’s first two cards have the same rank, he or she wins this side bet. 

The odds of finding a mismatched pair (10 to 1) are very high. A 15 to 1 payout is given for a matched pair. 

However, depending on the pay table, a card counting method may offer you an advantage over the house edge of 10.6 percent.


The allure of blackjack side bets is that you may win a substantial sum of money for a very modest investment.

It is best to stay away from side bets because of the large house advantage they have.

For side bets, look into if a counting system already exists and get familiar with it.

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