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The most precious gift you give to your partner is the perfect engagement ring. It is the most loved piece of jewel that represents the union of two hearts for a lifetime. One of the best choices is to grace her hand with argyle pink diamonds for sale at Pink Kimberley and lock your bond forever. You can also explore endless variety in gems, metal, design, and style to pick a perfect ring for your significant other.

While a vast variety gives you the freedom to choose a ring closest to your vision, it also leads to confusion. Apart from the material and design, what approach you should follow to find your ring is also a crucial consideration. Here’s a detailed description of different ways to find a perfect engagement ring to simplify your decision.

  • Multiple approaches to find the ring

You can pick up a ring from the shelf at a jewelry store or get one exclusively designed for you. The choice is mostly governed by your budget, time constraint, and the amount of customization you are looking for. Based on these factors, you can go for any of the following approaches.

  • Bespoke

Let us begin by breaking a myth that has been around for quite some time. Many people use bespoke and custom-made alternatively, while these are two very different terms.

A bespoke ring is designed exclusively for you and the design is never repeated. The process begins with an idea that is developed into a ring that completely aligns with your preferences and style.

The process of creating these hyper-personal pieces of jewelry starts with a consultation where you describe your specifications. Every gemstone or diamond is sourced and enhanced according to your specifications to create the most beautiful and unique ring.

  • Custom-made

In the field of jewelry, custom-made does not mean starting design from the scratch. The process is a lot similar to picking a custom-made car. The car your choose is produced on a mass scale but you can still select your extras.

Similarly, in the case of a custom-made ring, you pick mass-produced ring pieces. The process begins by picking up your favorite precious metal and a preferred ring mount. Your selections are then combined with the diamond of your choice in the standard size to complete the ring.

Custom-made rings are more flexible than off-the-shelf pieces but do not provide the degree of freedom for customization as you get in bespoke ones.

  • Off-the-shelf

Off-the-shelf or readymade rings are exactly what they are called, readymade. You walk into a store to check out available options or explore designs on a website, and pick the most suitable one.

The only level of customization possible with readymade rings is to get them in your size or get your initials or a small message engraved. Typically, standard specification gems and diamonds are used in these rings and are often not certified.

  • Which type of ring should you pick?

Several considerations drive your decision to choose between these three options. The most dominating factors are time and budget. The higher you move towards customization, the greater will be the cost and time required to craft your ring.

If you have enough time and are not constrained by finance, bespoke rings are the best option for you. You get to participate in the design process from start to finish and ensure you get exactly what you need.

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