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A destination that has stood out in the “land of the kangaroos” is the paradisiacal city of Perth, which combines all the splendor of nature with an excellent education network. Anyone who is at the beginning of their career knows how competitive the job market is. Every day companies expect their employees to have more experience and knowledge. Gone are the days when just speaking English was a big plus. Today corporations want training in more than one area, degree extensions and experience abroad.

In order to achieve higher flights in professional life, young people determine to study in Australia. This country in Oceania has one of the best education systems in the world and every year it receives thousands of foreign students, who seek to expand their knowledge in addition to being able to live for a season in the nation with the second best human development index on Earth.

Want to boost your resume and enjoy the Australian quality of life? In this guide you will get to know the sunny capital of the state of Western Australia, what are its leisure and tourism attractions and where you can study there. Good reading!

Perth: one of the best cities to live in

Imagine a big city, with all the facilities that a modern metropolis offers, but with a country town vibe. This is the first impression of Perth, which has beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and white sand, as well as being very wooded and inviting for outdoor sports.

The city is crossed by the Swan River, where it is possible to take cruises, in addition to serving to compose a beautiful landscape. Even with all this natural exuberance, large companies are located in Perth, which shows the strategic importance of the location on the west coast of Australia. The West Perth region is home to many companies and through its streets it is possible to see the coming and going of the suits, who seek out the restaurants and eateries in the area at lunchtime.

The central area of the city has many shops and leisure spaces, with bars and restaurants that are full after work hours. The main pedestrian streets are Hay and Murray.

Perth has a vibrant cultural scene, where new artists have the same space as established attractions such as theater plays, dance shows and art exhibitions. The Northbridge neighborhood is a well-known hub for the city’s creativity, but it’s also home to dozens of small bars, vintage shops and lively clubs.

In this same region, which is north of the train station, is Perth’s Chinatown, which reminds us that the city is cosmopolitan and welcomes foreigners from all over the planet.

The area known as the West End retains all the elegance of fashion brands, with stores of the most coveted brands, such as Chanel, Tiffany’s and Prada.

Those who choose to live abroad find in this city an incomparable quality of life. Perth has everything that the biggest centers in Australia offer, however, the possibility of having daily contact with nature creates a much happier environment.

Perth location

Positioned next to the Indian Ocean, beautiful Perth is the main city on the west coast of Australia. The region is a plain on the banks of the Swan River, which had Aboriginal peoples as the first inhabitants for 35,000 years before the arrival of Europeans.

In 1829, the British began the process of colonizing this area, which became an important port for connecting India and the East.

One of the biggest curiosities about Australia, especially about the region of Perth, was the function of receiving about 10 thousand British prisoners, who were exiled in Australian lands between the years 1850 and 1868. During this period the city grew and gained many public buildings, such as the city hall.

With the discovery of large deposits of gold in the region, Perth was modernizing and attracting more residents, who came after the dream of making a fortune.

Its current population is around 1.6 million people, spread over planned streets, with many trees, squares and parks, where citizens can enjoy the day with a picnic, cycling and meeting with friends.

Capital of the state of Western Australia, this small-town metropolis will make anyone fall in love in an instant. Next we’ll talk more about what life is like in the wonderful city of Perth.

Weather in Perth

Temperatures in this part of Australia are stable for most of the year. In summer, which runs from December to March, the thermometers are around 30 degrees during the day and around 19 degrees at night.

The hottest season of the year is also the driest, because it doesn’t usually rain. However, the air quality is good thanks to the strong breeze that blows from the sea, in addition to the city being very wooded.

In winter, which is between June and September, it has an average of 19 degrees of maximum. The coldest days don’t go below 10 degrees, so none of that exaggerated cold that we find in other cities.

Between April and November, rains appear frequently, especially in the winter period, when it can rain on half the days of the month.

The sun shines in Perth most of the year, providing beautiful days even in the coldest of times. This climate is very favorable for walking outdoors, playing sports and enjoying the quality of life in Australia.

Perth’s quality of life and infrastructure

The main city on Australia’s west coast offers everything a person needs to live happily and prosper. Perth has a good structure of health, safety and education, being considered in researches one of the best cities to study and live in the world.

The public administration has action plans in several areas, such as accident prevention, evacuation in case of tragedies, social assistance, volunteering and community safety.

Sustainable activities also play a role in the city’s daily life, with programs aimed at reducing the effects of global warming, selective garbage collection and water reuse.

The transport infrastructure is formatted to generate less impact on city traffic, which makes residents gain in quality of life. The use of alternative transport is strongly encouraged, such as bicycles, scooters and walks.

Perth has security monitoring through cameras, which are linked to a central that controls areas of greater movement.

Perth’s top tourist attractions

The city has a range of activities that will suit all tastes. There are many options for tours linked to nature, such as beaches, rivers, forests and mountains.

Although nature is a big draw, Perth has many cultural attractions, concerts, exhibitions, dance and theater performances. The city has one of the largest urban parks in the world, King’s Park. There you can enjoy the day with friends, go hiking on the trails and enjoy the beautiful view of this Australian metropolis.

The historic region of the Port of Fremantle still retains buildings from the colonial period in Australia, but with all the charm and modernity typical of Perth. In this area are some of the most visited attractions, such as the old jail, the forum and the incredible naval museum, which tells the story of navigation in the world.

After getting to know the culture of the place, stop at one of the many craft breweries that exist there, such as the famous Little Creatures’ Freo HQ.

At The Art Gallery of Western Australia, founded in 1895, visitors can learn more about the region’s history with the excellent collection of art by the original inhabitants of Western Australia. Best of all, access to this incredible cultural institution is free. However, art lovers are encouraged to make a symbolic contribution to the museum.

Those who love animals know that Australia has a unique fauna, with specimens found only in this region of the Earth. The fantastic Zoo is one of Perth’s most popular attractions for students, as it has hundreds of animals, such as kangaroos, koalas, penguins and many others.

The beaches could not be left out of the itinerary in Australian lands. In Perth, the rule does not change at all, as the city is surrounded by an exuberant coastline, with strips of white sand and perfect waves for surfing, considered one of the national sports.

The most sought after spots by surfboard lovers are the paradisiacal beaches of Trigg and North. For those who want to relax in the late afternoon, the suggestion is to find a good spot on Cottesloe Beach, which is close to the city center, and enjoy a beautiful sunset. Every day families and exchange friends gather there to enjoy this show of nature.

Many tour companies offer seaside tours, such as extreme flights over the Indian Ocean. Have you ever imagined yourself doing pirouettes over one of the most beautiful regions in Oceania? Diving, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and many other adventure sports are also available.

For those looking for a quiet day away from the city, there is a trip to Rottnest Island, which is just a few kilometers from Perth. Take a ferry and sail to this paradise on the west coast of Australia, where there are more than 60 beaches with crystal clear waters.

Visitors can hike through dense forests, meet exotic animals such as the Quokka, and dive among the corals. On the coast of this island are the wreckage of some ships, which today serve as an abode for marine life and a great setting for visitors to dive.

With their life linked to the sea, the people of Perth have an intimate relationship with boats. Then, it is possible to take classes at the Discover Sailing Center to learn how to navigate sailing vessels very safely on the river that cuts through the city.

Traveling about 25 minutes from Perth, the Swan Valley’s more than 40 vineyards offer great tours. It is possible to visit the plantations, taste award-winning wines and enjoy the pleasant climate of this region with higher terrain.

Nightlife in Perth

Even though it’s a big city with a country atmosphere, fun is guaranteed on the west coast of Australia. In Perth there are many bars and clubs, which bring together students from all over the world in their spare time.

In the Northbridge neighborhood are the trendiest bars, such as the casual Ezra Pound, named after the famous American poet. The house offers an unpretentious atmosphere, but with quality service and delicious drinks.

For those looking for music and fun, Jack Rabbit Slim’s is the most suitable address. Named after the Quentin Tarantino movie Pulp Fiction, this club has bands and DJs performing live on a dance floor that is known as the liveliest in Perh. There is a vintage game room there that will leave game lovers in ecstasy.

In the same neighborhood, The Bird nightclub is a space for concerts and performances, but also offers very good food and drinks. Drag queens performances are a unique event, in which joy and harmonious coexistence between differences make the track the happiest place in the world.

If you’re one of those people who likes peace, but doesn’t give up a meeting with friends, the Mechanics Institute is a perfect bar for your style. Located on a rooftop, the house has a relaxed atmosphere, which is different from the standard of pubs in this area.

This space has classy decor, with reddish brick walls on all sides. The tables are scattered throughout the environments – in the outdoor area you can even sunbathe while chatting with the staff. On the menu, the public’s favorites are hamburgers and cocktails.

Australian nightclubs are usually quiet, without fights or other dangerous situations. The country’s laws are quite strict regarding the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages to minors.

The recommendation for interntional students is to prepare for the exchange, knowing the rules and obligations for those who will live in Australia. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, move away from the scene and seek the help of the police.

Even with all the recommendations we can give, what really matters is common sense. So, each person must know their limits and try to adapt to the habits of the local culture, which value a society in which the Law is complied with and has equal treatment for all.

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