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What is POPM?

POPM stands for Product Owner Product Manager and the course includes the mechanics, processes, and tools used to manage programs as well as backlogs in an address in a developmental team. Product Owner/ Product Managers are crucial to the functioning of any and every It / software development team, as such it is one of the most sought-after certifications by companies. Certified PMPO’s are often met with handsome salaries more than that of mid-level managerial positions.

The SAFe® Product Owner/ Product Manager designation is offered by Scaled Agile, Inc after the successful completion of the SAFe® Product Owner/ Product Manager course along with passing marks in the subsequent certification exam.

What is SAFe®? 

Scaled Agile Framework®, also known as SAFe® is an industry giant and is a set of procedures and measures to ensure the implementation of agile practices on an enterprise scale. It was founded by Dean Leffingwell and Drew Jemilo in 2011 and aims at helping organizations design better software and systems as well as to adapt to the changing need and client demands over the years.

SAFe® is an industry leader with 70 percent of the fortune 100 companies employing them. And a large number of global 2000 have SAFe® certified professionals on-site as well as in their developmental teams.

SAFe®is currently at its 5.1 iterations and certification by them can open gates to a successful career in an agile framework.

Why Should You Consider a SAFe® POPM Training?

SAFe® POPM training can open gates to a possible future in agile technologies and related fields. With the rise of digitation and the rapid growth of IT industries, the demand for product managers/product owners will only skyrocket in the future. Top brands like Cisco, AstraZeneca, PepsiCo, Lockheed Martin, etc. Implement SAFe® to improve productivity, maximize client satisfaction, efficiently manage time while also boosting employee engagement and job satisfaction among other team members. POPM’s are already paid highly in the industry with salaries upwards of $100,000. According to a State of Agile survey report, the popularity of SAFe® has grown by 5% over last year and with the demand for POPM’s at an all-time high, there has never been a better time to get this certification. 

How to get a SAFe® POPM certification?

Just like other certifications in this field to get certified in POPO by SAFe® is fairly simple. Although the certification is open to all individuals it is recommended for people looking for or considering a career in the said field. Beginners are free to join the course but prior knowledge of the Agile manifesto and toolkit will help immensely.

That being said you start by registering yourself for a 2-day training course offered by any online website or establishment, but do make sure that the said establishment has a SAFe® certification.

After the completion of the course, you will be provided with a link to set your login credentials and sit for your certification exam.

If you score a total of 35 out of 45 (77%) you would pass the exam and will receive your digital certificate from the SAFe® certifying body. 

And that commences your POPM training making you a SAFe® certified product owner.

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