Product Packaging Is Way More Important Than Its Physical Appearance!


The role of a bowl sleeve has increased a lot in clinching the sales by engaging the customers. The sturdiness of the cardboard, bux board, or other material used for its production offers safety support in the meantime. Every product needs a different design. Here the customization supports to raise the product aesthetics along fulfilling safety needs. Brands are entirely free to choose the custom options like embossing, debossing, foiling, die-cutting, or scoring. Even minor details like the color percentage are also ensured in their production process by using the digital printer and supported CMYK color schemes. They are shipped in a flat condition and are easy to assemble. 

Packaging is no anymore simply a tool to ship the items in retail stores. It has evolved over the years, and now several types are there, like a bowl sleeve, gable boxes, and much more. Now packaging is considered a tool to judge brand value. It is why it has gained way more importance than its physical appearance. You can better understand its importance by going through the following purposes for which it serves brands now. 

Defines brand personality

People have become quite brand-conscious for their daily used products. It particularly includes apparel, cosmetics, and other fashion items. The custom bowl sleeve or any other sort of packagingis the only source of information for the buyers to know the items they are engaging belongs to which brand. Several new brands also continue entering a market about which customers do not know earlier. So, they judge the value of that brand by the quality and efforts added to the design. People consider the safety measures taken for the products and the shopping experience they get by purchasing those products. So, it is easy to understand that packaging is the basic factor that strengthens the trust of buyers over the brand. 

Creates differentiation from rivals

Only a few percent of people visit the same retail store every time they need to buy groceries or other necessities of life. The majority of the people make random purchases while going home from the office. So, brands use easy-to-remember packaging like custom printed bowl sleeve that is designed uniquely from rival brands. It is done so that people could easily recognize the products from the same brand they have tried out last time. They usually use the design elements like logos, specific colors, and images for this purpose. This phenomenon also provides a competitive edge over the rivals as customers become loyal to that brand and start recognizing their other products as well under the same logo. 

Communication with the customers

Staying in touch with the customers builds a great relationship between the companies and customers. However, unlike the communication through their official social media accounts, it is not possible in the retail stores. So, a custom bowl sleeve and the rest of the packaging types are nowadays used by brands to convey the brand message to the consumers. It has become a way of communication for them. Businesses change their design temporarily on the arrival of different events and wish the celebrations to their customer base. Moreover, the links to the social media pages and websites are displayed over the packaging that helps new customers give feedback to the brands. 

Packaging as a marketing tool

Surprisingly the packaging is being used as a marketing tool as well. Now businesses adopt more creative and effective promotion methods that could help them reach the targeted customers easily. Packaging types like bowl sleeve printing wholesale have gained massive importance as it facilitates indoor marketing. Promotion of the products through other methods like billboards, PPC social media campaigns, and TV commercials has become less effective in retail stores. People make instant purchase decisions by getting influenced by the packaging and product aesthetics. Businesses can offer flat discounts in the temporarily changed designs over the arrival of events like Christmas and New Year. 

Tool for higher product visibility

Products of the same genre from multiple brands are displayed close to each other in retail stores. So, a state of competition arouses that makes it challenging to get sales easily. A brand is unable to do anything once products enter the market. So, a customized bowl sleeve comes handily here to raise the visibility of products. Several latest techniques have been introduced to make the products stand out over the retail shelves. Usually, a die-cut window is installed in them. This window makes it possible for the buyers to see the internal products without taking them out. Higher visibility leads to increased customer engagements and hence the increased sales volumes. 

Source to create social awareness

Packaging has gained such importance because of some moral traits added to it as well. Initially, plastic packaging was massively used, which was the biggest contributor to land pollution. However, modern styles like a customized bowl sleeve are manufactured using eco-friendly materials. Now, packaging firms prefer the use of sustainable materials like cardboard and bux board, seeing the interest of customers. These materials are easy to get decomposed and hence leave no harm to the land even on throwing it after usage. This phenomenon encourages people to care about the environment and get close to nature and green products. Meanwhile, the brands are also able to raise the personality of their brand. People start giving value to the brands incorporating such moral traits in the packaging of their products. 

All these points clearly indicate that the product packaging has become way more important than how it was perceived earlier. The bowl sleeve and all other such packaging types are contributing greatly to the success of businesses. Startups and businesses operating at a small level especially have found a way to excel in the market in a short time while beating the competition. 

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