Promote Security Through Easily Followable Signage


Signs grab lots of attention and can increase the number of people who see them by about 70%. That’s because signs can influence people whether they’re walking or driving. They also allow you to provide information that benefits those who need it most – pedestrians and drivers alike. Most retail shops and restaurants love high-quality and reliable shop safety signs that can convey important information.

What is safety signage and why does it matter for business?

Safety signage is vital for a number of reasons. Our business may rely on a particular product, a particular service, or a particular facility. Without the proper signage, there is too much risk that we will face lawsuits or violations from our customers and fellow employees. Understanding safety signage and how it affects your business gives you the opportunity to improve your security without breaching company policy or putting yourself in danger.

Guidelines of Safety Signage:

Consider creating signage that manages public behaviour by identifying where school zones are, emergency exits, and entrances for restricted areas. Not only does signage like this create awareness about safety risks to make people think twice before committing to dangerous activities, but it also has the potential to result in fewer accidents and life-threatening situations.

Safety Signs:

Using easily understandable signage will make your premises more accessible. These simple, but bold signs are an effective way to help remind employees of the importance of safety regulations that they might forget for weeks or months on end.

Why is the use of QR codes important for safety signs?

Quick response codes, or QR codes, became a great way to advertise and promote safety guidelines across cities.  QR codes are the easiest way to display information on signs. Adding this information can be done in a cost-effective manner because the technology is widely available and being used on many other products.

Common mistakes to avoid when designing safety signs:

There are some common mistakes venues make when designing their safety signage, especially when it comes to content. Keep in mind that safety is not just about just signs. Be aware of your surroundings, have your attendants sitting/standing at eye level with arms outstretched, be clear when watching for exits, and factor in when designing the arrows.


When people choose to follow the rules, they relieve stress and feel safer.  It’s one thing when a warning sign makes sense, and another when it doesn’t.  Easy to follow signage is a way that organizations can show concrete support for their security policies. 

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