Pros And Cons of Teaching Through Movies in the Classroom


When it comes to teaching through movies in a classroom setting, people seem to have different views on the subject. Some believe it is an effective learning tool while others seem to argue that it is a big distraction and should not be encouraged.

If you are not sure about whether it is a good idea to make kids watch movies at school or not, read this article till the very end to have all the information that you need. We have gathered here some of the positive and negative aspects of watching movies in a classroom so that you can decide better yourself.

Here is our list of some pros and cons of teaching through films in a class


  1. It Creates Interest About the Subject

Teaching kids about anything from history to science, and cultures, etc. develops more interest in the kids about that particular subject or topic. Seeing chacareras behaving as they have seen in their book allows kids to better understand their stuff and to memorize it more effectively.

  1. It Provides Motivation

Watching movies that contain lessons about the struggle and triumph motivates the kids to achieve their dreams and goals. The educational films make stuff so much easy to digest that students actually feel quite confident in their ability to do anything they want in their lives.

  1. Life Lessons

Kids don’t learn life lessons through reading. They need some examples as proof for the fact that they can do great things by following the right path. Life lessons like honesty, humility, bravery, and courage, etc are central to some films on sites like kisscartoon rick, and morty. Teaching your kids through these films helps a lot in creating a better understanding of these subjects.

  1. Better Memory

Watching films helps with the memory of kids. Kids can remember the content of a video way better than what they read in a textbook. Making kids watch videos related to the tough subjects allows them to have a deeper understanding of these topics. Reading without knowing what the material is about has no benefit for a student and films can help you cope with this issue.


  1. They Are Time Consuming

Movies are very long and even if you divide a movie into parts and watch it at different times, you will still have to waste many of your learning hours. Moreover, watching films in parts is also not very enjoyable for the kids. This makes film watching in the classroom to be a little ineffective.

  1. The Movies can be Historically Inaccurate

No matter how great the direction and acting are, movies just cannot depict the culture and history of the nations of the world with 100% accuracy. There are many films out there that distort the reality of the actual events just for the sake of getting reviews and making money.

Encouraging such content in a classroom can cause kids to develop wrong views or beliefs about the world they live in.

  1. The Objection of Parents

Making kids watch even harmless movies can cause some parents to feel like their kids’ time is being wasted. Showing kids films that are in favor of something that a student or two’s parents might disagree with can also lead to heated arguments which are not good for the teacher or the students.

  1. Not Every Movie is Appropriate for Every Kid

Choosing a film that every kid will like and enjoy is almost impossible. No matter what kind of film you pick there will be some kids who will not be interested in that stuff and that might lead to them creating distractions for the other kids. This is another drawback of teaching using films in a class that makes this strategy ineffective to some extent.

Final Words

These are some of the plus and negative points of teaching in a classroom using films. Making kids watch films on platforms like Movierulz Plz in a class is a good thing if the films that you choose are short, appropriate, non-controversial, and purely educational.

We hope this information has cleared some things for you and has given you some valuable insights into whether teaching through movies should be encouraged in a classroom or not.        

Olivia Hazel
Technical Content writer, who loves to pen down her thoughts and insights in the best way possible.

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