5 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring an Online Tutor?


It has always been challenging and complicated to look for a tutor online. With all of the scams going online, you can never know who is equitable. Finding an online tutor online is eminently onerous. This task is of great responsibility and effort. For the sake of finding a perfect tutor, you should ask a few questions that will help you to hire someone who fits your requirements perfectly. Here are a few questions that will definitely help you:

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Ask About Managing Schedules

While interviewing a tutor online, you should ask if they have more than one student to work with. If they do have more than one student then how will they manage time with all the students equally? And how much time will they give to an individual student? If the tutor has extra students than he can manage, then he won’t be able to give proper attention to everyone. Hence, he will be neglecting most of the students. Students won’t be able to accomplish their desired goals and it could have the worst effects.

Ask About Their Educational Background  

In an interview with the tutor, you are going to hire, always ask questions about their academic background. You should know in which field they did their bachelors from, which college they attended, which university they chose for their bachelors and last but not the least, what were the grades of their educational journey?

Question-Related to their Experience and Career

During the interview never forget to ask about their experience. You should know for how long they have been working in the teaching industry. On what platforms they have worked before? And what are their plans for their future? You should always ask about the subject they know the best or the subject in which they are expert and ask questions related to that subject.

What are Your Methodologies of Teaching?

Always ask them, what are their methods of teaching? It is extremely important to know how the tutor is going to teach you.  Ask them how will they make the student confident and how will they engage with the student in online lessons. In online classes how will they help the students to resolve their queries? 

Time Deadlines

The tutor should have the ability to work under pressure and to meet deadlines. For instance, the student got a surprise test and it’s due the next day, he should know how to help the student to prepare for the test in less time. Also, during exams, students don’t have much time to prepare for the exam. They have to revise their syllabus in a shorter period of time for that what will be their strategy.

Situational Questions

Give them a situation of a student and then ask them how they will respond. For example, if a student is getting failure in every subject and has given up and is not ready to try again and work hard to change his failure into success. How will you motivate that student to start hard work? How will you handle this situation? Ask them to give a motivational speech. 

Final Verdict 

It is always better to have options. After reading the description always select 4 to 5 teachers for the interview. In that interview ask the above-mentioned questions and pay heed to their answers note the positive and negative points of every tutor and when you are done interviewing every single tutor, compare those points. Choose the one who stands out and meets your requirements perfectly. This method can help you select the tutor like a piece of cake.

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