Reasons Why Digital Marketing Shakes Hand with Video Content Marketing 


A collaboration!

When it is healthy, it can bring wonders and make magic real. 

That was a little too exaggeration!


But the collaboration of digital marketing and corporate videography marketing can indeed bring outstanding results for your business.

According to statistics:

63% of the brands worldwide are now DEPENDING on video marketing strategies. 

And 83% of them believe that video content marketing can offer them that much demanded high ROI.

If this evidence doesn’t appeal to you, then know that it is normal.  

Why would you make a decision just based on stats, right?

That’s why you have got this blog, where you might find a number of ways video marketing can work wonders for your business without a doubt. 

Ways Video Content Marketing Compliments Digital Marketing Strategies

Well, you must have been searching for online money lenders in Ireland the last week and decided to watch some of the videos on YouTube to learn more about money lending practices and personal loans. 

Your customers think the same when attracted to your brand and its products or services.  

A video is a great tool that amalgamates content with creativity and engagement. Being new in age, video content marketing has reached sky-high popularity in just a matter of years.

Probably this has been the reason websites are including videos. This has perhaps been why YouTube became the second most used search engine right after Google. This is probably why digital marketers are now using video clips to market their products.

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And here is how it helps digital marketing in 2021.

  • A more useful ROI
  • More Engagement to content 
  • Productive conversion and sales 
  • Google has a good relationship with video content 
  • Mobile users are engaged 
  • Videos add a touch of freshness to e-mail marketing 

Want to learn more about them. Well, you can simply read on. 

A More Useful ROI

As you already know, a huge percentage of today’s businesses have already invested their faith in video content marketing.

And they did it because they have seen it work!

With a video, you get an additional advantage of making a better presentation of your content. Therefore, it is a more helpful version of the content marketing strategy that attracts the audience. 

However, your videos need not be super high quality (although that’s a USP too). You can make videos using a decent camera or with your Smartphone as long as the content you share in the video is the content people are looking for.

More Engagement to Content 

Do you need engagement to your content?

Create videos.

Video content is more humanizing. They are more relatable than the most exciting blog post (cold truth!). 

People tend to believe and get convinced by what they see and hear. 

If this does not reason enough for you, then check the stats below:

You have got 8 billion views in all the video content shared on Facebook IN JUST A DAY. These videos account for 11% of the content shared on Facebook. 

YouTube has got 2 billion active users who log in every single day. 

Productive Conversion and Sales 

According to the surveys and research made in this field, it has been found that 74% of all users were converted to buy a product after going through audio-visual content.   

The magic lies herein. 

Videos serve the natural human curiosity. It makes customers actually know and understand a product or service in a better way. More than that, they achieve a higher and a productive connection with audio-visual content because.

It makes your users investigate more on your brand and products. That’s generating leads, which means conversion. 

And some of them instinctively buy products or services because your videos have been successful in convincing them through ‘active’ content. 

And that’s sales!

Google Has a Good Relationship with Video Content  

Did you notice something?

If you search for something in Google, you will most likely be offered websites; blog posts, and video posts from popular platforms like YouTube; Vimeo; Dailymotion, etc. 

The truth is that if you have optimized video content, then people will watch it, which means they will spend more time on the platform you have shared it or on your website.

Optimized video content has a high chance of being ranked by search engines. Digital marketers have evaluated that your website is 53 times more likely to be shown as the first result in a search by your users in case you have used optimized video in it.

You need to take care of the following steps:

  • Make your videos SEO friendly
  • Add effective title and descriptions 
  • Put a link back to your website  
  • Use interactive video content as it is one of the newest trends 

Mobile Users Are Engaged 

How many of you contacted an online money lender in Ireland through your Smartphones?

Probably all of you. 

Now, look at this jaw-dropping report:

YouTube has confirmed that video content consumption rises by a 100% each year. 

And that’s just the beginning of a great platform that can aid you. If you make videos that are mobile-friendly and optimized for mobile devices (most of them are), then you can reach more clients just through the mobile platform. 

Isn’t that interesting?

Videos Add a Touch of Freshness to Your E-Mail Marketing 

E-mail marketing?

What do you do with it?

You engage.

You inform.

You convince.

And then leads are converted with sales (hopefully).

Adding a video will catalyze the process of engagement, information delivery, and convincing. 

According to market research analysts, you can get up to 300% CTR with videos in your e-mail marketing campaigns.

So, you have got a solution. 

Add videos and help e-mail marketing be a new version of itself. 

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To Conclude: Videos Offer Better Insight to the Product 

If you read about doorstep loans, then you get an idea of it. 

But when you’re watching a professionally shot video on doorstep loans in Ireland, then you get to learn about it in a more intense sense.

Not offending written content, videos can get the job done faster and more efficiently at times when compared to written or audible content (like podcasts).

It is because a video gives you a better insight into the product your customers are interested in, but it also cultivates customer relationships through meaningful engagement.

To run a successful business, you need customer engagement and customer relationships. 

Use videos this time to get them.

Description: Video content generation is a great way to complement your digital marketing strategies. Find out why digital marketing needs video content badly.  

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