Rocket league items: A parents’ comprehensive guide


Being a parent, you may want to act as a friend with your child. According to experts, interacting with your child and encouraging him to undertake various types of activities is sure to do him/her a lot of good. Online games have become popular these days and the one that is played by majority of the gamers across the globe of all ages is ‘Rocket League’. This multiplayer, fast-paced game is played by both amateurs and professional gamers alike. Knowing the game will allow you to help your child to enjoy playing it. 

About Rocket League

This multiplayer video game is considered to be PEGI-3 rated. It combines football and car driving and involves two teams who battle one another in different rounds. It involves car-based hockey, football and basketball to score goals. Players are also required to invest in rocket league items.

Why children find this game interesting?

This fast paced action game involves multiplayer elements and customization of cars. It does require some basic skills and efficiency to control the ball and cars, but is easy to play by all ages.  This multiplayer, fast-paced game is played by both amateurs and professional gamers alike. Knowing the game will allow you to help your child to enjoy playing it. 

How to play Rocket League game?

You need to know the game in details, the information of which can be derived from portals like

Number of platforms & Players

Online version allows about 8 players to indulge in this game. The split screen allows 4 players while you may also indulge in single player mode. Cross-Platform matches can also be played on different devices like PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. 

Objective of the game

The time frame allowed for each round is about 5 minutes during which the team with the maximum goals is declared the winner. For this, the team has to use the car for controlling the ball. Pads are to be charged to derive boost power to enhance car speed. Regular practice can help your child come up with useful strategies to beat the opposition. Logging onto portals like can provide you with more valuable information. 

New players

It is possible to log onto the game in solo mode to play against computer-controlled cars to derive ample practice and to enhance your skills. 

Is the game tough to play?

This game is quite easy to play, but requires new players to have plenty of practice. Only then can they derive the much-coveted ‘Supersonic Legend’ status considered to be the game’s highest rank. 

With more competitive matches won, the players get higher Division promotions and ranks. But on losing matches, there are chances of getting demoted. 

Why this game is interesting?

This game tends to encourage teamwork. It does require players to show plenty of dedication to imbibe in the right skills to defend their goal and go against the opposition. The big draw combined with professional leagues and players playing for big prizes are what have made this game popular across the globe. 

Acquiring some rocket league credits will enable you to enjoy this game.

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