Rural Electrification Companies & Substation in India


In this article, we will look at some of the best rural electrification companies and substations in India. So, stay tuned.

1. Sukrith International Power Solution Private Limited-Chennai

Sukrith International Power Solution Private Limited is a well-known company. It sells and provides high-quality products and services. Since the year 2014, their business is a Private Limited Company. As a company, they want to reach new heights of success and fame in the industry. They make and sell things like Cooling Tower Back Pressure Turbines and Cooling Tower Spare Parts. Moreover, they also sell Heat Exchangers, and many other things, too.

2. Vicky Electrical Contractors (India) Private Limited

Vicky Electrical Contractors (India) Private Limited was established in 1986. They provide service and make high-power electrical transformer substations, which is what they do for a living. People who work for this company do things like: electrifying railway stations, warehouses, commercial and residential complexes in rural and township areas. 

Furthermore, they also convert overhead HT transmission cable streets and install lighting. People who work in the data centre have systems. The Power Control Centre is the motor control centre. Ducts on the bus services panels with automatic power factor control panels that automatically shut down. This happens when the main power goes out. 

Boards that distribute the power Battery Chargers for Substations Electrical Contractors offer services. Services for rural and township electricity, like DG Set Panels and so on. They know how important a good team is to the success of a business. So, they’ve chosen a group of people who work well together so that they can meet all of their customers’ needs in a set amount of time. 

Since, these people are hired from one of the most skilled, quick, and well-informed people in the market, they have been thoroughly checked out for their abilities and knowledge. Also, they hold training sessions at their end to keep their skills and knowledge up to date with changes in the market.

3. Freyr Energy Services Private Limited

Freyr Energy is a full-service rural electrification company that helps people with solar systems and solutions. As a company that started in 2014, Freyr Energy Services Pvt. Ltd. has made a name for itself in the business world. Their main office is in Hyderabad, Telangana (India). During the last two years, they have on average installed one system a day. They also have a business in India. They are the best people to buy and sell Solar Rooftop System, Solar Water Pump, Solar Module, Solar Petrol Pump, and many other things. Moreover, they also do Solar Rooftop System Installation Service and a lot of other things.

They have built a strong business relationship with the most well-known vendors in the market. These relationships are with whom their company buys everything. This means their vendors have a great place in the market because they are the best sellers of these things. The products they buy from their vendors are of the best quality and meet their needs.

4. Stambh Solutions

The Stambh Group started in 2000, has grown since then. There are more than 300 people working for the company now. It has grown to be a company that makes a variety of products, has a lot of facilities, and provides a lot of different services.

The company is full of new ideas and high-quality products made with an automated manufacturing system. Moreover, this system can meet the needs of customers all over India. Also, the members of the management team have a wide range of experience in the business world and come from some of the best universities in India.

They know how to make a wide range of products in the field of Power Electronics and Electrical Control Equipment. They have a strong in-house R&D team that is always working on new technology and innovations. Furthermore, they do this to make their customers’ lives easier and more efficient. Their project management team has worked very hard to make sure that all of their projects have been completed on time and on budget. This has made them a trusted partner for both government and business customers.

Stambh uses the most up-to-date technology to make sure that customers get the service they need. This includes government and private clients. ISO 9001 certified and CPRI certified up to 5000A, safety and quality are instilled in each and every member of the team. It has a strong in-house R&D team that is always working on new technology and innovations to make products that meet the needs of its customers.

Substations in India for Rural Electrification

1. Mech Skillz Engineering Solutions Private Limited

If you need AMC, AC Repair and Maintenance, Substation Contractor and Installation, Interior Electrical, or other services from Mech Skillz Engineering Solutions Private Limited, you can trust them to do the job right! They are a well-known Pvt. Limited Company firm that was formed in 2016. Moreover, they provide reliable and well-managed services across the country and on time. 

Also, they are in Kolkata (West Bengal, India). During the reign of our mentor, “Mr. S. Akhtar” (Marketing Manager), they have been able to achieve great success across the country.

2. Arpan Electricals and Enterprises

Arpan Electricals & Enterprises was founded in 2002. They are one of the top suppliers and traders of a wide range of Electrical Products. Electric Panel, Control Panel, and Electric Cables are some of the best in the market, and they make up the range that we have to offer. People who make this range follow the rules and guidelines set by the industry. They use the best raw materials and the most up-to-date machines to make it. Make sure the quality of the product is up to snuff. To make things even better, we have marked the range of prices as low as we can.

Their warehouse is very big and can withstand natural disasters, which helps us keep goods for a long time. They are able to meet some of the company’s goals and targets because the facility is full of the right tools and machinery to do so. The way the facility is divided helps them run the company’s business in the most efficient and effective way. They’ve also built up a huge customer base that includes well-known names like M/s Shapoorjee Pallonji, M/s. Punj Lloyds, and M/s. Reliance Industries Ltd.

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