Saws for Projects and Home Renovations Including the Chainsaw Mill

Saws for Projects and Home Renovations Including the Chainsaw Mill

If you are working on a project on your property, a shed, garage, or even working on your own home renovations then you are likely discovering there are a variety of saws needed for a variety of jobs! If you are cutting through wood, tile, concrete or pipes then some saws work well and some definitely do not. It is very common that a project might need multiple types of saws, a chainsaw mill for wood cutting and other larger tools as well as different hand saws. 

Circular saws

The most popular type of power saw used are circular saws. These are saws that have a blade that is round and is used to cut through or into an object. For industrial sawing, the general circular saw is best and you find this in sawmills. Similar blades to this are the radial arm saws and the table saws. The radial arm saw uses a guide arm on a table or stand that supports the saw and does cross-cutting. The table saw has a blade that lifts out of its table and then you guide what you are cutting through that blade. 

When you want to cut into something at an angle that might involve a power saw like a miter saw or a rotary saw. For spiral cuts that is the rotary saw. For cuts that are a right angle that is the miter saw. Want to cut at an angle that is less than 90 degrees? Then you need a compound miter saw. You also have concrete saws that are a type of circular saw. There is a range of different types of concrete saws some smaller for cutting tiles and some larger for cutting into concrete. The hardness of the objects means they need a diamond blade.

Reciprocating blade saw

Not all saws have blades that are circular, an example of a commonly used saw that is not circular is the reciprocating blade saw, used for very fine cuts. The blades on this saw are longer and it is usually manually operated. The most common saw is the jigsaw which uses a very narrow blade to make cuts that are irregular. Reciprocating saws are larger than jigsaws and they are often used to cut through wood as well as pipes.

Continuous blade saw

Another popular type of saw is the continuous blade and the most used example is a chain saw blade. You might have just a chainsaw or choose to use an identified best chain sawmill to cut logs yourself and turn them into your own planks or lumber. You can get a portable to take with you to fallen trees or trees you have felled on your property. Or you might do smaller jobs in which case you might use a band saw, another continuous blade saw.

Adjust the saws you use to each task

When working on any project, cutting planks with the best chain sawmill, or cutting tiles for your bathroom renovation, you need to use the right saw for each job.

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