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In America, people have more or less accepted the fact that they can’t say very much on their medications. We aren’t here to get political, but it is pretty unanimously agreed that the American medical system isn’t really set up for a twenty-first century lifestyle. The problem isn’t that Americans on either side of the argument don’t want to approach things in a new and more practical way, but the unique American culture that we all consider near and dear really isn’t designed to coexist with the way most countries handle something like universal healthcare. This is why it has been so difficult in recent years for everyone to agree on a way to implement it. In the meantime, many people have gone with the order medication from online pharmacymethod, but they have been ordering online from American pharmacy in a pre-pandemic framework.

This, along with healthcare benefits through an employer, or healthcare benefits through senior support are really all people have for saving money on their medications in the states. This is a falsity, however.

The order medication from online pharmacy concept is very sound, but a lot of people make they go shopping within the United States, not realizing that you can actually buy your medications from any country with which America has an open trade agreement. Canada is probably the best approach, being our neighbor to the north, sharing a land border and very little regulation on things across this border.

Canada’s medical system is very different from the United States, and they were able to implement there’s much faster simply due to their culture being an easier one to design healthcare systems for. Naturally, the ease of implementing a health care system like this will vary depending on culture, as mentioned before. The myth is that Canadians don’t have to pay for their medication, but that’s actually not the case. The truth is, their tax system subsidizes it the same way that paying into medical benefits with an employer works in the United States. That is the “socialized” aspect of it. It is universal, not true socialism, and in all honesty, a big reason American culture has had difficulty implementing this is due to old stigmas from the Cold War making most people fear anything with that terminology associated with it.

So, think about it for just a moment. If you’re shopping online, you already are saving something by purchasing through a service that doesn’t have to contend with brick-and-mortar overhead. This means that they can do customer retention things like give you discounts, loyalty rewards and so forth, and are just innately cheaper by design. But, considering you aren’t paying taxes in Canada, the artificially low shelf prices of medications in their nation are very real, import fees and customs fees aside. When you combine all of this, you are actually saving upwards of 60% in some cases, and delivery is usually quite fast. This is a life hack right here, affordable medication in 2020s America. The magic is real!

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