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If you’ve been assigned to find storage lockers for your school, we’ve put up this easy list to help you sort through the options

Lockers serve as a storage facility for students’ books, baggage, and other belongings. Steel and plastic are the most frequent materials utilized in school lockers. Steel lockers are cost-effective and long-lasting. An anti-bacterial powder-coated finish is available on some steel lockers, which is beneficial to health and hygiene. 


Steel lockers with an anti-bacterial coating are also available. This powder-coated finish helps to prevent diseases and bacteria from infecting and spreading. It minimizes the possibility of infections such as MRSA and E. coli being transmitted throughout surfaces. These lockers are perfect for schools and higher education institutions, where germs are more likely to spread.

Other materials to consider

Lockers made of polyethene plastic are popular in schools since they may be kept both inside and outside. If there isn’t much room, this might be a space-saving option. This material is simple to maintain, long-lasting, and waterproof. Polyethene plastic is resistant to all types of weather and use.

Feet, plinths and sloping tops

Lockers can be equipped with various extras, depending on your choice or need. Cleaning under the locker is easier with lockers with feet or sloping tops. Sloping tops prevent things from accumulating on top of the locker so that the area stays clean and tidy at all times.

There are different design features to consider

Lockers for school use must be well ventilated because they will be used regularly to store many different items, such as books, sports attire, sports equipment, and even food.

Lockers have become increasingly popular in schools for a variety of reasons, including the fact that there has been an increase in potentially dangerous items being brought into institutions. Vision panel lockers are a fantastic method to prevent these problems since they will provide visual security.


The variety of lock choices is determined by the usage of lockers. If you’re sharing lockers, an easy-to-use 4-digit combination lock is suggested. A digital master key system with digital combination locks is available if teachers need access.

You could use combination locks or traditional key locks (cylinder locks) on each student’s locker if you choose. Each student will receive his or her key or combination, making access simple.

With these choices, spare keys, master keys, or codes may be manufactured or reset to allow access to lockers if they need to be emptied or checked by personnel. When purchasing different lock types, keep in mind the size of the locker door.

Different lock options available;

Hasp & Staple (padlock) Cylinder (accessed with a key) Coin Return 4-Digit Combination Lock* Electronic Combination Lock

Changing Room Furniture

Changing Room Lockers

There are a few factors to consider before purchasing lockers for changing rooms, including the amount of space and the budget. When buying for a limited area, multi-compartment and nested lockers are the best options. Changing rooms pupils may keep valuable belongings, clothes, shoes, and bags in these lockers since they’re inexpensive and convenient.

Bench seats

We provide a variety of single and double-sided bench seats with coat hooks or hangers to accommodate changing rooms. Students can utilize the benches while getting changed or as a resting place for bags and/or shoes. Our new line of bench seats will be available in both offline and online stores shortly.

Coat Stands & Hooks

CS Storage offers a wide range of coat stands and hooks that are beneficial in all areas of schools. They can be used in classrooms, changing rooms or corridors and help students and teachers keep spaces clean and tidy. We offer a wide range of accessories which can be added for extra storage within schools too.

Laptop Storage & Charging Lockers

Laptop or charging laptop lockers are especially popular among colleges and higher education institutions, as laptops and iPads have grown in popularity over desktop computers. We provide a wide range of both charging and non-charging laptop lockers in several colours and door choices.

The most common reasons for purchasing laptop/charging lockers in schools are as follows: Cell phones, cameras, and other electrical goods may all be recharged using this battery. Although it can charge a variety of products, it does not come with any charging cables or adapters. Instead, you must purchase those separately.

For example, to charge a smartphone or other device you would connect the black charging channel to the device’s green USB socket.

Both charging and non-charging are popular in education sectors, but there is a significant price gap between the two. If only storage for electronics is required, you may choose to purchase the non-charging instead of the charging since it will save you money.


When purchasing lockers, we know that institutions are frequently restricted in terms of space and money. As a result, before purchasing, it is advisable to cover all spaces to avoid recurring costly renovations or replacements.

Select high-quality lockers that can handle frequent use. Determine the number of lockers required depending on the number of children and the area available for usage. Locker size/spec should be determined based on what is being kept inside them.

At CS Storage, they offer a wide range of lockers, bench seats, and accessories that can be utilized in educational settings. If you can’t discover what you’re looking for online, give them a call and one of our experts will help you choose the ideal product for your needs and budget!

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