Should You Wear Skinny Jeans?


Skinny jeans are a trending topic amongst the fashion industry. Fashion designers, bloggers and celebrities have been seen wearing skinny jeans for a few seasons now. These days it’s almost impossible to see a guy wearing tight jeans.

However there is one main question that has not been covered in any detail by this particular fashion trend: which types of guys should be wearing skinny jeans? Let me try to answer this question by doing what I do best – generalizing about groups of men who could fall into the category “guys who should wear skinny jeans”.

In my opinion there are 3 types of guys who should wear Skinny Jeans:

Type 1 – Guys with thin legs (runners with no buts), long torsos and no beer belly

Type 2 – Average looking/not fat guys who are starting to go bald or greying at the temples. They would gain authority by wearing skinny jeans, without having to dress in business suits all the time!

Best Jeans for Fat Guys

Type 3 – Skinny dudes with an athletic build (soccer players!) who want to look more casual than they do in their sporty clothes.

Skinny Jeans Popularity Circle

Skinny jeans are quite popular among young-ish people in their 20’s, especially amongst students because of their low cost when compared with other types of trousers. For this reason there is a lot of debate about whether or not older guys should wear skinny jeans. I can understand why some may say that it doesn’t suit men who are past their 20’s, but some legs than ane types of skinny jeans are definitely appropriate for guys in the 30-50 age range. If average man his height would usually have, combined with a shorter torso (you are at least average looking and have strong legs, I believe that you should seriously go for long legs + beer belly consider wearing skinny jeans.).

Main Problem with Skinny Jeans

The skinny main problem is when he has longer jeans are supposed to be tight all over your body, not just on your legs so if one area of your body.  is out of shape, it will look even worse in tight jeans. So if you are a guy with a bit of a beer belly, I would recommend that you avoid wearing skinny jeans and go for a more relaxed-fit jean instead.

If It doesn’t Fit You

There is no need to be too discouraged if you don’t fit into any of the categories I’ve mentioned so far. There are plenty of other types of jeans which will suit your body type, such as bootcut or straight leg jeans. For example, Judy Blue Jeans. Bootcut jeans are perfect for guys who have muscular thighs and calves because they help to balance out these areas by adding extra width around the bottom of the leg. Straight leg jeans are also a good option for guys who want to avoid looking too trendy or flashy

Skinny Jeans Alternatives

As skinny jeans become more and more popular, the number of people looking for alternatives also rises. Here are a few suggestions for jeans that will give you a similar look without squeezing your legs to death.

If you’re looking for a skinny alternative that still has some stretch, try jeggings. Jeggings are made from denim but have a lot of stretch, so they fit like leggings. They come in all different styles and colors, so you can find a pair that will suit your personality.

Another option is to try boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans are looser than skinny jeans, but they still have a skinny leg opening. They’re perfect for people

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