Some Supreme Reasons Why Interior Designers Suggest Jute Rugs

Some Supreme Reasons Why Interior Designers Suggest Jute Rugs

Rugs are in trend nowadays; carpets are old-fashioned because of their enormous sizes. The natural rug is getting hyped among many rugs. Interior decorators know the importance of having natural rugs in your place. The jute rugs are made of the fibers of the jute plant; this natural plant is known for its softness and heat insulation quality. 

The fibers of the jute plant contain cellulose and lignin; therefore, unlike synthetic fiber rugs, they can be biodegraded. These rugs are environmentally friendly and do not harm the surroundings. Jute is famous for so many qualities it owns, some of which are described in this article.

Why Should You Opt For Jute Rugs?

Interior designers study the whole psyche of designing a place for an aesthetic end look. With recommending rugs, they always say to choose jute fiber rugs over synthetic fibers. Jute is known for so many qualities; some are discussed.

1. Economical Natural Rugs 

Jute is an Asian plant that is commonly available there. The rugs that are made of jute fibers are so affordable. Unlike mats that contain synthetic fibers, they are handmade and robust. The synthetic fibers lose after some time, but the jute fibers remain fluffy and do not leave their place quickly. Styling your place with an affordable natural printed rug would be appreciable. 

2. Easy Maintenance

Natural jute rugs do not require a daily cleaning routine; you just need to vacuum them when needed. Steam clean or simply hand clean them after a month would be okay. The stains-catching quality of the rugs is the main issue, but these rugs are stain-resistant; they can wash off with a single wash. Trying to remove the stain or go for proper cleaning is the basic need. If you want a low-maintenance jute rug, you can buy jute rugs in Dubai.

3. Everlasting Quality

Jute rugs are durable even with the low maintenance they require. They come in many prints and shades to provide an aesthetic look. The fundamental quality they own is they are easy to clean, and their fibers do not flat easily. These rugs contain natural fibers and are easy to clean because they can not catch the stain firmly. 

4. Environment Friendly

Natural fibers are made of cellulose and lignin, so they are not harmful to the environment. These rugs do not cause pollution and are biodegradable. Synthetic fibers are harmful to the surrounding with many air pollutants. They spread to the air when they are damaged at their end stage. Their shades are also natural to give a natural look to the place. These rugs are also known for their temperature-maintaining nature, and they keep the environment warm.

5. Bear Heavy Foot Traffic

Jute rugs are natural with a fluff that gives a comfortable soft feel under the feet. If these natural rugs are placed at the entrance point, they bear the significant traffic without getting flat. After heavy foot traffic, they can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or handwash with a chemical-free cleaner for long-lasting quality. They are always number one to be installed in a place because of the fluffy look, even with heavy foot traffic.

6. Stability Under Furniture

Interior designers recommend these rugs because they always provide firmness under furniture to add a stabilized look. Rugs with natural fibers come with a complete fluff that adds stability, and they bear the extended stay of furniture without getting flat. No one ever wants to have an accident with rugs; these rugs do not cause slips but, fortunately, create a force to stop them.

7. Trendy Prints And Shades

Natural rugs come in various shades and prints for interior decor. These shades of the rug are available to make a combination with your wall color or floor shade. You can install a dark-shaded rug to make a combo with your light wall color. Trendy prints are the main reason for their recommendation. Their prints can go well with every interior module and add an aesthetic look to your place. 

8. Allergens Trapping Quality

Rugs are always known for their dirt-trapping quality, but with synthetic fibers, when trapping dirt and allergens, it is pretty impossible to clean them properly after they get dirty. Jute plant is famous for cleaning the surroundings; jute fiber trap allergens and dirt to keep the air healthy and not let them invade the layers. These can be easily maintained with a simple cleaning routine.

To Sum Up

Interior decorators recommend jute rugs for so many reasons. They come in unique shades and prints for an aesthetic interior look. They can be biodegradable, so they are environment-friendly. 

These rugs can bear heavy loads without getting flat. They do not need a daily cleaning routine. Jute rugs are long-lasting and also known for the best stability factor they provide. You can buy jute rugs at reasonable rates.


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