UPI ID is a unique identifier that’s used by the customer to send or accept payments. It represents your Virtual Payment Address (VPA) and you can create it through any UPI-enabled digital payment app. This can be done through your bank’s mobile app, or another UPI ID app.

Here are some other things you should know about UPI ID:

  • If you want to send or receive money into your bank account, having a unique UPI ID is mandatory.
  • A UPI ID is an account number that is independent of your personal details or bank account.
  • If you choose to use your bank’s UPI service, you’ll be able to create separate ID’s for each of your accounts. You can then use them in any way you need to send or accept payments online.

How to create a UPI ID?

To get a UPI ID, open the BHIM app or a payment app that supports UPI. Then enter your bank account number and mobile number:

Steps to create a UPI ID in BHIM app

  1. Download the BHIM app from your mobile device, then go ahead and login. You can change your language or connect to WiFi.
  2. Next, verify your phone number to continue. You’ll need this for every time you log on.
  3. Choose a bank from the list, and enter your account details. You’ll only have to do this once for each bank account.
  4. The app will automatically fetch the bank account number and IFSC code for all of your linked accounts from the mobile number you verified with.
  5. To get started, either create a four-digit UPI PIN or a six-digit one if you want to link more than one account.

Steps to create a UPI ID via the Paytm app

  1. Download or open the Paytm application
  2. Enter your mobile number and verify the same
  3. Choose the bank from the list.

If you happen to notice that the mobile number on your bank account doesn’t match the one you entered before, please enter the correct number in this step.

  1. Set up a UPI PIN
  2. Once your bank account is linked and activated, you can proceed with making the first payment.

Benefits of accepting or sending UPI payments

Accepting payments from customers should be easy, which is why we recommend UPI. Here are some of the benefits of using the service:

  • Secure payment transfer

UPI [Unified Payments Interface] is the leading payment solution in India, with bank support from all major lenders. It’s safe and secure to use, and it comes with none of the drawbacks that other payment methods can potentially have.

  • Real-time payment settlement

UPI IDs are a convenient, faster way to accept payments and see them go right into your bank account. The convenience of making transfers via UPI and the prompt settlement can contribute to its growing popularity among companies.

  • No minimum transaction limit

Unlike other payment methods, there is no minimum transaction limit associated with UPI. You can accept any amount of money as low as Rs.1. Unlike NEFT or RTGS, there are no transaction charges for a UPI transfer either.


If you’re looking for a safe and convenient way to send or receive money, look no further than UPI ID. With this unique ID, you can quickly and easily send or receive payments without having to worry about security. Plus, with UPI ID, there are no transaction fees — so you can save even more money. Whether you’re sending money to a friend or paying for goods and services online, UPI ID is the perfect solution.

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