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    Wi-Fi access is more than a convenience. From airports to cafes or to doctor’s offices, consumers expect Wi-Fi to be available everywhere, fast and free. However, despite our expectations as consumers, many business owners are reluctant to bear the added cost of high-speed Wi-Fi for employees and customers. So, the implementation of business WiFi marketing¬†improves customer and employee satisfaction, business profitability, and team productivity.

    This will help the brand to be closer to the users, especially when combined with large social networks like Facebook today. Internet marketing has become an inevitable trend around the world. And this form of marketing has been growing around the world in recent years: Wi-Fi social marketing or Wi-Fi marketing. This form is considered promotional if you can deliver the information as soon as users access a free Wi-Fi network.

    Basic Knowledge of Wi-Fi Marketing and How Does It Work?

    Wi-Fi marketing occurs when a place such as a store, restaurant, or cafe provides customers with wireless Internet access. It is used to create a valuable connection with them, for example by using push notifications or in-app news. In addition, Wi-Fi enables the collection of important information about the movement and behavior of customers indoors. So, they can be addressed again later. Wi-Fi for business marketing is now considered an indispensable tool for all physical businesses of large and small scale.

    Top 3 Types of Business Wi-Fi Marketing

    The Internet has become one of the most important platforms for all types of businesses. Similarly, sales methods and techniques have also changed. Internet marketing is the most profitable field today.

    Here are 3 most famous types of internet marketing:

    • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    Social Wi-Fi marketing has become the most important and essential form of internet marketing in recent years. You can be selling your products, marketing services, promoting your brand, or raise awareness for your blog or website. For all of these things, social Wi-Fi marketing is a great tool. With over 2 billion active users, social media is a great platform for everyone. Plus, it offers some absolutely unique benefits that none of the other types of internet marketing offer. Some of the advantages of using social marketing are that you can reach a target audience on your created brand pages. Also, get in touch with them personally.

    • Email Marketing

    Marketing through e-mail is one of the most profitable types of digital marketing strategies. Email is often referred to as a “more effective substitute” for direct mail. because it can quickly reach a wide network of customers with email newsletters, announcements, or reminders. Email marketing can be very specific with demographics and other information to segment your lists for the best results.

    • Search Engine Marketing

    Marketing through search engines is another type of internet marketing that is widely used. Most believe that the era of search engine marketing is over, but it is still the fastest strategy to succeed. What Search Engine Optimization (SEO) does is improve your website to get higher rankings for certain keywords. While SEO is the best option for long-term, targeted, sustainable traffic, it can take a long time for traffic to start. On the other hand, search engine marketing can give you a head start until your SEO generates results.

    The Benefits of Internet Marketing

    Wi-Fi marketing important benefits for customers in the following ways. 

    For your customers: 

    • It Offers Value: Have you ever been to a store with poor cell phone reception? Free in-store Wi-Fi can help your customers stay connected when they might have no other option. It also allows them to save on data usage.
    • They Can Keep in Touch with You: With Wi-Fi marketing, their experience with you doesn’t end when they leave your business. By capturing their contact information, you can reach them with personalized offers, and event invitations to strengthen your relationship.
    • It Is Fast, Reliable, And Affordable: Without Wi-Fi, you and your employees will likely need a cellular network if someone has to use smartphone to work. With the use of Wi-Fi, you can access your company securely with a high-speed Internet connection from anywhere in the office. As long as you have the credentials to log in to that Wi-Fi network. It also avoids wasting minutes on a private or commercial cellular rate.

    Bottom LineThese types of internet marketing clearly show the importance of Wi-Fi for business. You don’t have to choose just one. In fact, most internet marketers use almost all types to some extent. Explore these types of business Wi-Fi marketing to see which one is best for you.

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