The best way to make your cones branded try custom cone sleeves


Have you ever wondered why many ice cream brands are famous? It is not because of the flavor but because many business owners have made a brand out of their ice cream cones. People love ice cream, there is no secret to that. They tend to devour the amazing flavors of ice cream on events like birthdays, special occasions, or even on a Sunday night binge. But what makes these people buy their favorite ice cream? Through accurate branding.

This article will help you understand many aspects of branding ice cream cones, but the best one is through custom cone sleeves. Here is how.

Cone sleeves can be used to put information

When you choose custom cone sleeves for your ice cream brand, there are so many aspects that you can change in it. Most importantly, for health-conscious customers, you can add all ingredients of the ice cream on the cone sleeves so that they are able to understand the calories and check for allergies.

This will make customers understand your product if it is new in the market. Most importantly, people who are lactose intolerant will also be able to identify if the ice cream is dairy or non-dairy. This will be great for any allergies that could happen and will save the company from any trouble in the future.

There are many other details that you could add to the cones like what ingredients were used to make the ice cream. But it is also important not to add too much text that it becomes unreadable for the buyer. We always need to be careful about the packaging design because that is what the customers use to decide whether they like the brand or not.

You could choose the text yourself or you could always hire a packaging company for this process. There are many companies that you can go for, which offer to make custom cone sleeves packaging. H5 Packaging is one of the top companies in the market for this work. They have one of the finest quality materials available and hence you will not have to worry about the ice cream being damaged.

As perishable goods, ice creams need to be kept safe and secure before the customers and buy and devour them. Since safety is an important aspect, H5 Packaging will ensure just that.

Logo placement is necessary

Other than that, this packaging company also suggests that accurate branding is important. Hence, custom cone sleeves can be used to put the logo of the company accurately. This will be great for marketing purposes as increasing a sense of brand identity is important. By brand identity, we mean that whenever a person thinks of ice creams, they think of your brand. Many companies have used this sense to create a wide customer base like Ben n Jerry and Walls.

Educate the customers regarding flavor

Other than adding the ingredients and logo, you can educate the customers regarding what flavor cone they are holding. Traditionally, it is understood that ice cream cones are fully covered to keep them safe and sound. You can use customizable packaging to tell the customer which flavor cone they are using. This can be done by using text or colors. For example, you can use pink or red color for strawberry flavor and brown color for chocolate. Whenever it is mixed flavor, you can use an amalgamation of two colors mixed properly as an alluring design.

Custom Packaging keeps Food Secure

One of the most favorable aspects of using custom cone sleeves is the guarantee that the ice cream inside will not be damaged. Let us be real, would you ever want to eat the food that has been damaged? Some might not even buy that product again. So, the safety and security of the product are very important, and customizable packaging ensures that.

Foiling to make it attractive

The best part about opting for custom packaging is that you can change absolutely any aspect of the custom cone sleeves. One such attribute is foiling. To make it attractive, you can use a layer of coating embossed with foiling of different kinds so that it immediately grabs the attention of the customers. When you hear the name foiling, the two traditional colors gold and silver might come into your mind. However, this is not the case. There are now many different kinds of foiling that are available which will make your life much easier. Some of these kinds include rose gold, burgundy, and hot pink foiling. A great idea would be to have different colored foiling for different flavors. This will increase the appetite of the customers and will make them happy whenever they buy a new ice cream flavor. This will also increase the chances of them wanting to buy newer flavors just by looking at its packaging.

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