The Dangers of Drug Detox at Home Without Seeking Medical Help in Houston


Drug Detox at Home

Attempting detox at home is very risky. Asphyxiation from drug or alcohol withdrawal is a real risk. Detoxing under medical supervision offers the highest quality of treatment and assistance throughout the process. Medically assisted detox at Taylor Recovery is a safe and comfortable option if you or a loved one are battling addiction. We have everything here to help you on your journey to recovery. Get in touch with us right now if you want information on how to detox properly.

Drug Detox

Drug detox involves removing toxic substances from a person’s system, often those that have contributed to addiction. Detoxification helps the system to get rid of accumulated toxins, such as those caused by drugs or alcohol. People can safely and comfortably detox from these substances in detox facilities.

Withdrawal from alcohol usually begins within 48 hours, whereas from benzos, it might take to a week. The withdrawal process from stimulants like methamphetamine or cocaine may last up to ten days. 

Is It Safe to Detox at Home?

Addicts experience extreme highs and lows while battling their addictions. It is recommended that you start this process at a facility staffed by experts. Not everyone goes through withdrawal with the same symptoms. Detoxing from alcohol, benzodiazepines, and opiates has its unique set of symptoms. In extreme cases, medical professionals may need to act to prevent you or a loved one from dying from withdrawal symptoms.  There are numerous reasons why detoxifying at home is not recommended.

Why Drug Detox at Home Is Dangerous

Toxins and physical dependence on drugs and alcohol accumulate with repeated usage. Because of its physical nature, addiction entails torturous recurrences of drug abuse, abstinence, and relapse.

With the increasing severity of dependency, withdrawal symptoms need ever-increasing drug dosages only to keep users functioning normally. Going through drug detox is the very first step toward recovery. In the absence of detox, substance abuse will only worsen. Many individuals have the false belief that they may successfully detox by themselves. However, home detox is not only dangerous but potentially fatal. Treatment for substance abuse at Taylor Recovery Center in Houston, Texas, under the watchful eye of our addiction specialists, is the safest choice.

Advantages of a Medically Supervised Detox Program

Detoxing at home is very dangerous; therefore, choosing a treatment program that offers medically-supervised detox as an alternative is important. Residents in these detox programs benefit from a controlled setting under constant medical observation, which aids in their stabilization. The severity of alcohol withdrawal symptoms may be mitigated by constant monitoring, revealing any changes that need treatment immediately.

Detox programs serve as the first step in getting the patient ready for further treatment for drug abuse. After completing detox, it may be time to think about continuing treatment. 

Seek Help from The Best Addiction Experts in Houston

Detoxing in the presence of medical staff is the most prudent and secure option. Detoxing from drugs such as alcohol, opiates, and other drugs can be done in a secure and comfortable environment at Taylor Recovery Center’s Houston detox facility. We have the skilled and caring personnel to provide the tools and encouragement you need to proceed with your healing process. For more information on our detoxification and addiction treatment services, reach out to our online team of experts.  


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