The importance of technology in the transport of the future


The 4 support beams of future transport, are marked by the introduction of ITS, future technologies that can help to attain transport:

1. Reduce emissions, taking care of CO2 emissions

2. Increase Peace of mind in stopping road accidents

3. Keep costs down, improve performance

4. Always connected, communication and Internet of products within the vehicle

We’re utilized in our daily to determine new and unstoppable technological developments in passenger cars. Because the new fuels, hybrids, electric to augmented reality applications in-vehicle entertainment.

Within the industrial vehicle is the same and much more sense, because the carrier lives on the highway, therefore the market is evolving in a rapid new technological changes perfectly into a more effective transport steps, safe, eco-friendly and try to connected.

The federal government is extremely active in the issue, to begin getting involved the Directorate General of Land Transportation companies (General Management Branch, Analysis and Innovation), the Directorate General of Highways (General Branch Network Operation and Management), and Prospective and Technology Division of Transportation. With a typical goal proliferation of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and, generally, of recent Technologies (ICT) for that transport. Read more about the next link.

In The country we seek efficiency in transport and become competitive face Europe so we must try to have vehicles ready during these four support beams, where you’ll get:

1. Reduce emissions, taking care of CO2 emissions

Reducing CO2 emissions through improved driving, because of elevated transport and training systems which help the motive force continuous improvement, as EfiBus in passenger transport.

2. Increase Peace of mind in stopping road accidents

To lessen accidents while increasing safety for motorists.

3. Keep costs down, improve performance

Take advantage competitive and lucrative transport through fleet management systems and price reduction.

4. Always connected, communication and Internet of products within the vehicle

Always connected. Are you able to make a driver of worldwide automatic tolling system without getting to prevent at each highway toll? Or perhaps a flutist need to call every half an hour because unknown where his vehicle and cargo? Or that the driver doesn’t have alarms or cabin safety?

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On the market there are many solutions which help transport progressively adjust to technology and remaining connected. Today no carrier should raise not have access to a Gps navigation tracking system.

It’s not dependent on control, it’s an issue of location plan to others, saving communication costs and optimizing routes and procedures. Hard we attempt to battle the brand new technologies we have to join them in search of productivity and make the most of the things they can perform for all of us.

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