The significance of getting regular eye exams


We all lead busy lives and are caught up in one thing or the other. It’s easy to forget about our health in juggling between so many things. 

However, you must not let your eye health take the back seat. The importance of good eye health should not be underestimated by anyone. People wait to pay attention to their eyes until they start to experience vision-related problems. However, things should not be like this. 

Getting regular eye exams is the first thing you must do to protect your vision and prevent it from going worse. So many eye conditions can be detected in an eye exam. It will allow you to seek early treatment or halt the progression of that condition. 

An eye test is important for everyone no matter whether you have a vision problem or not. This is why NHS and some independent opticians in the UK offer a free eye test. If you can’t get one from the NHS, then you can try eyewear retailers such as Specscart to get a free eye test. 

Benefits of eye exams

Here are the benefits of regular eye exams. 

Eye exams monitor vision development in kids

Children learn a lot from the images and visuals the3y see around them. Most of their knowledge comes from the visual representation of their environment. 

Good vision is also crucial to aid or support other cognitive functions in kids. Whether it’s to perform well in the classroom or learn outside the school, good vision is important for kids to excel in everything they do. 

Annual eye exams are a great way to ensure that your child’s vision is developing just fine and they’re seeing clearly. Also, kids cannot recognise when something is off with their vision. So, these exams tell you how your child’s eyesight is and what you can do to prevent it. 

Myopia has become a common thing 

With screen time becoming a major part of all our lives, myopia has become a global pandemic affecting almost every other person. 

Even children these days are spending most of their time on digital screens whether it’s to learn or play games. Thus, regular eye exams can detect if numerous hours of screen time have affected your eyes. You can also take preventive measures to prevent the progression of myopia. 

There are glasses with blue light filters that reduce the effects of screen time on your eyes and keep your eyes protected even in front of a digital screen.

Eye conditions

Eye conditions usually develop later in life – in your 60s or 70s. However, there are other factors that could lead to the development of age-related vision conditions even in young adults. 

If someone in your family has glaucoma, then there are fair chances that you might have it too. Thus, you need to have regular eye tests to make sure you don’t have these problems and tackle them as soon as you develop them. 

Early detection of macular degeneration or cataracts or glaucoma can protect your vision and this is only possible by taking routine eye exams.

It lets you know when your prescription changes

Our vision is never the same. The glasses you’re wearing today might not be enough for your vision tomorrow. Thus, you need to know when your prescription has changed so you can update your glasses and use the ones made to your prescription.

There are signs you can watch out for to know whether your prescription has changed but having your eyes checked every year is the best of them. So, if you’re thinking of buying new glasses frames in the UK, make sure you get an eye test first to see whether your prescription has changed or not. 

Eye tests can detect other problems

Regular eye exams are useful in more ways than you could imagine. A comprehensive eye exam is capable of detecting serious health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. 

If your optometrist detects any of the symptoms related to your general health, they’ll refer you to a health expert for diagnosis. 

Having regular eye tests is important for everyone. Our eye health is our most prized possession. Thus, you should take time out for them and care for them. If your optometrist asks you to wear glasses to compensate for your poor vision, then you must get new glasses as soon as you can.


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