The Top 4 SEO Strategic Insights To Give Your Small Business a Competitive Edge


Did you know that implementing search engine optimization strategies can help your company website rank better in results pages, reach more potential customers, expand reach, gain brand-name recognition and more? If you’ve been searching far and wide for a straightforward way to help give your small business a competitive edge in your industry, adopting several key SEO strategies could be the way to go. Although you may have heard of SEO in the past, you might not have implemented its key tenets into your own approach to marketing and advertising. Fortunately, the top insights are simple to incorporate into your approach and could be well worth the effort in the end.

1. Expand the Company Blog and Post Content More Often

One of the top ways your company can stand out from the rest is by beefing up the company blog and posting top-notch content on a regular basis. Whether you work with staff writers or opt for SEO blog writing services instead, expanding the company blog is one move that could pay off in the long run. To accomplish this, you may need to:

  • Consider hiring a service or a dedicated staff member to handle your company blog
  • Expand your range of topics and the types of content you post, from long-form blog articles to podcasts to videos and more
  • Post content more often and try to establish a realistic posting schedule

2. Master the Ins and Outs of Keyword Placement and Linking

Knowing the ins and outs of crucial SEO factors such as linking and keyword placement can make all the difference when trying to boost your company website’s rankings. There are certain SEO moves that can give your website a leg up, and others that can result in the site being penalized in search engines. For starters, it’s important to remember to:

  • Choose keywords that are currently hot among your target demographics
  • Place keywords evenly throughout your content
  • Avoid keyword stuffing or excessive optimization of content
  • Place several informative links throughout your work

3. Bolster Your SEO Efforts Across Your Company Social Media Profiles

Don’t just stop at the company blog – instead, turn your SEO efforts into SMO, or social media optimization, ventures as well. You can coordinate content and keywords across your company’s social media profiles to maximize your return on investment. You may opt to:

  • Open profiles on the major social media sites that your customers are using, potentially including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more
  • Make the most of your content by modifying each post and then posting it simultaneously across multiple channels
  • Use top keywords in your social media content to help get your posts found and ranked higher in search engine results pages

4. Eliminate Glitches To Make Your Site as User-Friendly as You Can

Last but not least, having a user-friendly website is perhaps one of the best ways to keep more customers on your site and give your company an edge over the competition. You can comb through the website to eliminate glitches. Make sure your site has:

  • Organized tabs
  • Quick browsing speeds
  • An updated content management system
  • Easy-to-navigate headers, sub-headers and bullet points
  • Attractive graphics
  • A fresh, modern feel in line with your company’s brand

With the right search engine optimization tactics in your back pocket, your company could potentially gain several serious advantages over competitors who are not making the most of SEO strategies. Implementing the top SEO insights could help your business gain exposure in the industry, reach additional customers, strengthen its overall brand-name recognition and much more. Try posting to the company blog often, mastering the ins and outs of keywords, using social media more, and eliminating any site glitches today.

Muhammad Sakhawat is a premium content writer and has expertise in writing content on various niches. He is currently working with as a full-time content writer. You can follow him on Twitter. @im_sakhawat_

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