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The Ultimate Guide to Is Web Development Dying

Web development is not dying, but people are asking whether it is. You can find questions on Quora, Reddit, and other forums with a quick search. Does web development smell funny or is it a dying profession?” profession?” profession?” one Reddit user asks also know Cheap Domain Hosting.

Several authors and commentators have responded to whether web development is dead with their own take and thoughts.  Of course, they would. A headline that is outlandish and provocative for clicks would certainly catch my attention.  Are we facing a dying or simply unwell web development?

Is web development dying because people believe it is?

This question may seem excessive, but people ask it for a variety of good reasons. It is becoming easier and cheaper to obtain a website. Imagine the convenience of setting up a content site with WordPress if you wish. Even if you are a developer, you do not need to be technical. 

The same is true if you wish to set up an online store, for example – there are many off-the-shelf options that enable you to get started very quickly and with little effort. There is now a pretty cheap way to create a custom solution even if you do want one. 

According to one user on the Treehouse forums, Business Templates could now build a website for less than £100 (about $135) thanks to websites like Squarespace. While he typically charges around £3000 for a complete website build, clients often ask why they should spend so much on the same results if they can get them at a fraction of the cost.

These types of anecdotal evidence indicate that success in web development has become increasingly challenging. Maybe building websites isn’t the best place to start if you’re interested in learning to code and the digital economy.

There has been an improvement in the ease of web development

People who say that web development is dying might actually mean that money isn’t as lucrative anymore.  Because there is someone out there who will do it for much less money, freelancers are struggling to charge the rates that they used to. This trend isn’t due to a new generation of web developers living off a paltry salary. 

This is actually becoming more feasible. It is now easier than ever to build websites from scratch (sort of) with solutions like WordPress and Shopify.

Do templates have an adverse effect on web development?

The use of templates makes web development and design easier. 

  • When you have the ability to drag and drop templates, why would you want anything more? 
  • It seems unnecessary to spend more time doing more if the result looks good and does its job? 
  • It’s more likely that you’ll break things when you do everything yourself. 
  • Whenever you break something, you have to take care of it.
  • There is no doubt that templates make web development and design more accessible. 
  • The fact that many experienced web developers are anxious about the future is understandable, for we shouldn’t be precious about any new web developers that enter the industry.
  • Considering this perspective, templates don’t kill web development; they’re just changing how the industry looks. 
  • This is both an opportunity and a challenge for all of us working in web development. 
  • Adapting to these changes is something everyone will have to do, whether they are experienced or new to the industry.

There is no death of web development, only fragmentation

To adapt, web developers will need to choose a career path that suits their interests. The way we know web development is probably over. There’s a fragmentation of the industry, on the one hand, as design becomes more specialized, and on the other, full stack becomes more specialized.

We already know that people who know how to build websites are ubiquitous – as we’ve seen. It’s more challenging to build native applications. You can’t build a mobile app that compares you to Renaissance paintings through computer vision. Web developers will be expected to learn these kinds of things – and they are the sorts of things that are going to be valuable.

Developer skill expansion and full-stack development

Web developers’ roles are becoming more limited, as Pierno writes in his article. Nevertheless, I disagree. I understand that fragmentation is a problem, but let’s look at what, say, full-stack development offers. Developers who work across the full stack must be familiar with a wide range of technologies and tools. 

They should know machine learning, mobile, databases, and maybe even Blockchain if they’re going to differentiate in the job market, as Pierno suggests. The web development part has died as a result of this perspective. 

In some ways, the more popular the Internet becomes and the less of a ‘space’ it takes up in people’s lives, the more time we have to spend thinking about how we use the technology around it.

Design gains as web development declines

Design becomes more important if web development dies out. As we saw earlier, if website building becomes a free for all accessible to anyone with access to the internet and enough confidence, we might see a corresponding drop in standards and quality. 

Therefore, designers will be more valuable than ever. The web developer is at risk of being lost in the ether of everybody else. As soon as you present yourself as a designer, someone who is familiar with the intricacies of UX and UI, you start to appear different.

Web development may be dying, but it may only need to change

We clearly see that web development has evolved over the last five years and is very different now from what it was. The biggest reason is that we don’t really use the word ‘web’ any more, and there are plenty of other reasons as well.

Perhaps the concept of ‘the web’ should die since it is no longer relevant. Could we be holding onto something that will only serve to amplify the effects of poor design and inferior software? That could endanger the careers of engineers and designers.

‘The web’ and ‘big data’ are actually pretty comparable terms. They still hold sway in the technology industry, even if they seem outdated when we read them now. We can’t imagine life without big data – it’s just too ubiquitous to talk about it abstractly. 

What’s interesting is how engineers use it, how they bring data to life, how they make it usable and safe. The web is no different. There’s no evidence that it’s died, but it certainly took on an entirely different appearance. Developers and designers will always be needed, even if web development is dying. Adapting is essential.

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