The Ultimate Guide To Washing Your Car at Home


You know you love it when people compliment your car’s good looks, and cleaning your ride regularly is the best way to keep those comments coming. Rather than shelling out for professional detailing, consider washing it at home for a less expensive way to stay on top of this task. Here’s what you’ll need to get the job done right.

Useful Tools for Your Exterior

Washing your car should always be done from the outside in, so get started by buying a car wash kit for the exterior. The best ones put almost everything you’ll need for a high-quality cleaning at your fingertips, from microfiber mitts that won’t damage your paint to wheel and tire solutions that cut through layers of road grime.

Experts recommend using two buckets rather than one; the first full of clean, wash-and-wax solution mixed with water, and the other with clean water for rinsing your mitt or sponge. That way you’re not reapplying dirt by dipping into the same bucket. Work from top to bottom in sections so you don’t miss any areas. Clean your windows last; it’s best to use glass wipes rather than a squeegee to avoid scratches.

Useful Tools for Your Interior

When you’re ready to move on to the inside of your vehicle, start by dusting down the dashboard and other surfaces, and then vacuum the seats and flooring. Don’t forget to vacuum between the cushion cracks, and use an extension hose to reach as far under the seats as possible. For particularly dirty carpet or upholstery, apply a vehicle interior cleaner designed to remove stains and odors.

Don’t overlook dirt build-up in your air vents and other nooks and crannies; car cleaning putty will pull grime out of small, tight areas and leave your interior spotless. Finish everything off by applying a protective spray to make your surfaces look brand new, wiping down the inside of your windows, and hanging an air freshener from your rearview mirror or vents to keep things smelling fresh.

Ways To Keep Your Car Clean Longer

After putting so much work into cleaning your car at home, keep it that way for as long as you can. Try not to park under trees to avoid bird droppings, pollen, and other debris. If poor weather is expected, bring your car into the garage or find a covered spot for protection.

Check the soles of your shoes for loose dirt before you get in, and keep rags and a trash receptacle in your trunk or backseat so you don’t bring anything messy into your vehicle. Limit drinking or eating inside your ride, and always wipe up any spills right away so nothing cakes on.

With the right tools and these pro tips, you’ll have all you need to perform the regular cleanings that will keep your car looking its best. Get started by visiting a trusted auto supply shop in person or online for a car wash kit, along with all the other tools you’ll need to achieve great results.

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