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There are numerous circumstances when a person requires finances on short notice. These could include the cost of a child’s higher education, wedding expenses, medical emergencies, and other circumstances. In such cases, a personal loan is the best and quickest option.

Unsurprisingly, according to a consumer finance firm survey, medical crises account for 28% of personal loans, while 25% are used for family demands such as wedding expenses, children’s education, and house improvement. In such instances, nearly 77 percent of respondents chose personal loan.

Personal loans are instalment loans. That is, you borrow a fixed amount of money and repay it with interest throughout the life of the loan, which commonly spans from 12 to 84 months. Your account will be cancelled once you have paid off your loan in full. If you require additional funds, you must apply for a new loan.

Personal loans are classified into two types: secured and unsecured.

  • Personal loans that are not secured are not backed by collateral. Based on your financial history, the lender determines if you qualify. Some lenders provide secured loans if you do not qualify for an unsecured loan or want a lower interest rate.
  • Personal loans that are secured are backed by collateral, such as a savings account or CD. If you are unable to make your payments, your lender may be able to seize your asset as payment for the loan.

Benefits of Personal Loans:-

  1. Pre-approved Offers – Despite the fact that they are unsecured loans, consumers choose personal loans since they are advanced without undue problems. Furthermore, when it comes to providing personal loans to trusted clientele, several lenders make pre-approved offers.
  2. Importance of the Tenure – Another important consideration is the loan’s term. Personal loans are available for terms ranging from one to five years. While a shorter term is preferable because you would pay less interest, the EMI will be greater. Decide on the repayment period based on your ability to repay and your convenience.
  3. Amount and Timing – Prospective borrowers can check their lender’s mobile banking service for applicable loan offers after the requirement is determined. Before starting, the borrower must be certain of two things. First, consider the quantity of money needed. Two, the time frame for which the loan is required.
  1. Compare Interest Rates – Following that, the borrower is advised to compare the interest rates offered by several lenders. While a customer’s credit score will remain the same, different lenders may offer different rates to the same person. This is due to the fact that each lender, whether traditional or new age, conducts a unique risk assessment.
  2. Secured Personal Loan – A secured personal loan can be obtained at a cheaper interest rate than an unsecured personal loan. These are supported by collateral such as a fixed deposit certificate, vehicle papers, gold, and so on. Secured personal loans are more easily obtained because the bank can keep the collateral if you default.

A personal loan interest rate is often locked, which means it will not vary for the duration of the loan. However, some personal loans contain variable interest rates that alter on a regular basis. The disadvantage of a variable interest rate is that your payments may fluctuate when your rate changes, making budgeting for your loan instalments more difficult. Before signing on the dotted line, consider adding up all the costs associated with the loan, not just the interest rate, to determine the total amount of money you’ll be responsible for repaying.

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