Tips for Fundraising on Social Media


Social media marketing is not only a tool for business but also an effective tool for NGOs and non-profit organizations and you should consider using it in your next fundraiser.

As online users’ attention spans get shorter and shorter, it’s becoming increasingly important to tell your story effectively and concisely. Increase donor engagement by getting to the heart of your content marketing while expressing your core intent. With its wide and instant exposure, social media has a unique quality that makes it an ideal platform for nonprofit marketing. Marc Kielburger is a passionate charity giver, a well-known businessman, and philanthropist who has founded WE Charity, a non-profit organization. Marc Kielburger had inspired so many people to volunteer in their organization to support their cause.

Here are some tips for raising funds on social media:

Create a campaign plan:

When you are ready to start a fundraising scratch cards campaign, you must first create a complete plan for your campaign. Planning ahead can help your team organize all the moving parts. If you work according to your plan, you will have no problems between your campaigns and it will also help you in providing donors with accurate information about how you are using the money donated.

Here are some ideas for your plan.

  1. You must have a title for your campaign.
  2. Define the duration of your campaign period.
  3. Content and schedule creation.
  4. Don’t forget to create hashtags to use on all your social media platforms.
  5. Indicator tracking plan.
  6. Divide teams according to different campaign aspects.

Decide which social platform is most suitable:

“If you haven’t got any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble,” said Bob Hope, British-born American entertainer and comic actor known for his rapid-fire delivery of jokes and one-liners and for his success in virtually all entertainment media.

You need to identify the right social media platforms that you can use to reach your target audience. When you add fundraisers to your social media platforms, enlist the help of analytics tools to determine the effectiveness of your content. These tools will also help you figure out which areas of the field require more effort.

Reach influential people:

When you showcase your fundraiser on your social media platforms. You need to find more ways to reach your audience. One of the best ways is to connect with influential people on social media who have a large following and try to explain your goals to them. You can use your analytics to identify people in your network who have a large following, ask them to join your cause, and ask them to promote your campaign. Influencers can help you attract a large audience to your campaign.

Choose the right fundraising tool:

Fundraising tools are essential for your campaign. You can find many inexpensive and free options that can help you launch your campaign. CauseVox, Connect2give, and Fundly are some of the most common tools you can look to for help.

Customize your message for each platform:

Well, when you showcase your fundraising campaign on social media, you need personalized content for your campaign. If you want to increase your engagement on social media, you need to create quality content.

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