Tips to Improve Your Corporate Office Reception Area


Have you heard that first impressions are the last impression? Well, the common phrase depicts the reality of the corporate world. Since we all know what we see is what sells. Corporate world work on the same. Whether small or big corporate, you own a reception area within it plays an important role in winning and attracting clients. It is something that comes at first sight across the customers. Therefore don’t you think it should be best. Many corporate executives fail to understand the importance of a delightful reception area. But hiring a good office interior designers in Bangalore can help you understand the same. Keep reading the blog post to know the amazing tips suggested by interior designers to improve the corporate office reception area. 

It’s Time to Go Green

Who doesn’t appreciate plants? We all know it’s a trick question. Bringing a little piece of the outdoors indoors has not only been shown to have beneficial wellbeing benefits, but it will also help brighten up the space with a little color. Plants should be chosen based on how much natural light your reception room receives. A fruit salad plant is an excellent choice if your welcome room is adequately lighted with filtered sunshine. Choose something like an Earth Star or a Rattlesnake plant if you have little natural light. 

Work on Lighting 

When it comes to lighting, attention to detail and achieving the appropriate balance are critical; white lights and strip lighting can appear too stark and clinical, while soft sidelights and bulbs overhead might appear too warm and homely. A spotlight setup with warm light daylight natural LED discs could be your best alternative. If you already have an alternate arrangement (such as LED panels), then it’s a great option.

Comfy Furnishings Are Must

Your furniture needs to be comfy for your visitors, so put it through its paces before bringing it into your welcome area. Remember, your guests aren’t going to be kicking back for a couple of hours with Netflix, so you don’t want them sinking too far into a couch, and if you have elderly clients or visitors, they’ll need a tougher piece of furniture they can easily brace on to get up. Choose furniture that is both comfy and not overly squishy. 

Keep Space Minimum

Most critical, keep the space as small as possible. Too much stuff around might have a bad impact on your brand. Remember, less is more; keep it simple but meaningful. Your visitor only needs to feel relaxed and welcomed, not inundated. Don’tDon’t overdo it with plants; it doesn’t have to be a jungle, and you don’t have to buy the entire bookshop; just three or four decent books for the coffee table will serve. 

Avoid Artificial Scents

It would help if you made every effort to put your clients at ease whenever they entered your reception area. At the same time, it may appear to be a good idea to generate a calming environment by utilizing aromatherapy or essential oils. If not allergic to them, your visitors will probably be sensitive to particular odors. Therefore, avoiding artificial scents is a must. 

Final Say!

The above tips given by the top-notch interior designers in HSR layout Bangalore for enhancing the corporate reception area are worth it. I hope this will work for you to make your corporate more flawless than before. In case of any help, feel free to connect the Your Office Interiors. They are amongst the best interior designers to offer amazing commercial spaces revamping via their services. Visit their website for more details!

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