Top 10 Essential Web Design Tips You Should Know


When looking at your website, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Have you implemented an enticing, eye-catching design into it, is it up-to-date with rich and engaging content? Have you future-proofed your site?

In this article will be going through 10 essential website tips that are capable of revitalising your website, turning it from an old generic website, into something new and improved.

Web Design

1. Emphasize Readability

Is your content easy to read by your main audience? Is your content cluttered or well structured? You should always be thinking about whether or not your target audience will be able to read, what you’re presenting on your site. There are many ways to make your content more presentable. But the general idea is to break your content up, and use bullet points and lists.

2. Implement a Clear Navigation System

The best web designers will ensure that their site is easy to navigate through by adding design techniques that will properly and comfortable lead the user around the site. Make sure each section of the site is clearly differentiated, and add an easy to follow navigation bar, while properly using colour, positioning, contrast and size, to make it easy for the user to focus. Have no more than one navigation menu on your site, and make sure it’s consistent across the site. You can also use sub-navigations, but be sure to keep it uncluttered, and stay away from drop down menus, if you can.

3. Make Sure it’s Consistent

Every web user wants to know exactly where they are on any site they visit. This is why it’s important every page is consistent, using the same style, fonts and colours. A dramatic shift in site format can cause the average user to become disengaged, losing interest in the site. Make sure everything is consistent, and use professional images. You want everything to match, at all times, from style of images, to heading sizes, to typeface usage to site design.

4. Choose Your Colours Carefully

Before you can even begin to start with choosing the right colours for your site, you should, at the very least, have some idea about composition. So, let’s talk about colour, and how powerful the right colours can be for your site.

The first thing to realise, is that every colour has its own emotional connotation. If you have a brand that is energetic and/or passionate, then you may want to go with deep reds, rather than darker blues. In addition to choosing the correct colours for your brand, you also need to think about implementation. You want to ensure your colours contrast well enough to create the right kind of visual hierarchy.

You can take a peek at many professional web designers to see how they use different colours in their designs. They may use oranges for example, because of its association with heavy equipment for a website dealing with such equipment. Orange also contrasts well with blacks, so you can have an orange font with a black background, and it would stand out really well. Designers always want to use the same colours across their sites, whether it’s for buttons, the highlighting of keywords, or for integration into background imagery.

5. Use Top Quality Images

According to studies carried out by the Social Science Research Network, over 60 percent of people can be classified as visual leaners. Over 90 percent of all the information that we consume, arrives to our brain via visuals. This makes it increasingly more important that your website has the best quality images, to properly and effectively convey your message, in addition to any text you have accompanying it.

The right visuals can also help your website more effectively connect with your audience, while providing a more in-depth meaning for any content that is written beside it. Additionally, images that are of a good quality, also help give the site a level of credibility along with professionalism.

6. Your Design Should Always Be Mobile-Friendly

Most people who browse the web, do so on their mobile devices. So you have to ensure that any web design you go with, is mobile-friendly. That way, you’ll be able to attract as many people to your site as possible. Additionally, the major search engines also prioritise mobile-friendly sites.

7. Keep It Simple

One of the main appeals of sites today is that they are easy and quick to get to grips with. So you want to stay true to that, by making things simple.

All the most useful information on your site, should be readily available by a single click. Most surfers don’t have the time to try and find what they are looking for. One thing you can do to make your site more presentable to the eye, is to use a lot of white space. The more white space you have, the easier it will be for the surfer to focus in on things of interest.

8. Have a Clear and Concise Brand Message

Your website is a representation of your brand, so it should be portrayed as such. One of the best things about web design is that it allows you to control your image, right down to the letter. When it comes to the physical design, you want to consider the positon of your logo, your main message, which should be in the top left hand corner of the screen – as this is where the eyes will naturally be drawn to.

9. Don’t Forget To Include Your CTA

CTA or Call-To-Action is a very important component of any business, especially for your site. You want to make it very clear to your visitors, on what you want them to do next. However, make sure it’s simple – not too complicated. Do not add a CTA to the top of your page. This is because not every visitor to your site will be willing or ready to follow those steps, which is why CTAs are better positioned at the bottom of each page.

10. Consider Your 404s

You want to ensure that your visitors do not encounter 404 errors when browsing through your site. 404 simply means a page cannot be found. And the main reason for this could be due to a page being deleted or moved, or the URL simply being wrong.


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