Top 7 Wedding Photography Editing Services: Reviews and Photo Results


If you want to spend more time photographing weddings or if you are not sure whether you can enhance your shots on your own, you can order wedding photography editing services to give your photos a professional look. 

I have created a list of the most popular services and sent several bridal pics to them. I’ve analyzed the quality of color correction, photo retouching, make-up adjustments, and clothes editing to help you make the right choice.

1. FixThePhoto 

Pricing: color correction — $0.25 per photo, basic retouching — $2.50 per photo 

Turnaround time: 1-5 days

Includes: basic retouch for 2-3 persons, color correction, exposure, teeth whitening, red-eye effect removal, eye bag fixing, skin tone fixing, etc.

Wedding Photography editing service

Color correction: 10 / 10

Photo retouching: 10 / 10

Make-up adjustments: 10 / 10

Clothes editing: 9 / 10

FixThePhoto is a reputable wedding photography editing service available seven days a week. It provides batch photo culling and color correction services, performs realistic wedding photo edits, and specializes in portrait enhancement. Thanks to more than 17 years of experience, they quickly deliver high-quality results.

After placing an order on FixThePhoto, you will be assigned a personal wedding photo editor who will work with your pics. The specialist will analyze your style and make the required changes. You can describe your desires and requirements as well as provide a sample wedding photo.

Also, clients can visit an online FixThePhoto store and download Photoshop actions or Lightroom presets to improve wedding photographs by themselves. If you don’t have much time during a high season, don’t waste it improving the shots especially if you are not an expert retoucher. You can entrust this task to FixThePhoto professionals.

Result: I asked retouchers to correct colors, enhance the make-up and hairstyle, and correct skin defects. FixThePhoto experts coped with the task, and I got images with realistic colors and the ideal skin color balance. They also removed stray hair. It took them a day to complete my order. Now, the wedding portrait looks really professional and natural at the same time.

Wedding packages: There are 2 packages for photographers who want to edit many photos at once. Wedding Light costs $119 and includes the color correction of up to 700 photographs. Wedding Pro costs $199 and, apart from color correction, includes basic retouching of up to 20 shots.

H3 2. Weedit.Photos 

Pricing: color correction — $0.25 per photo, basic retouching — $2.50 per photo 

Turnaround time: 3-5 days

Includes: face retouching, improving white balance and brightness, make-up correction, stray hair removal, natural skin retouching, etc.

Wedding Photography editing service

Color correction: 10 / 10

Photo retouching: 9 / 10

Make-up adjustments: 9 / 10

Clothes editing: 10 / 10

Contact Weedit.Photos and you will get professionally enhanced images within 2 days. These guys will improve the shots in your signature style. The wedding photography editing service can select the best photos, correct colors, change the background, retouch faces, brighten jewelry, etc.

On the website, you can evaluate before/after pics to see whether these guys are suitable for your needs. The specialists at Weedit.Photos are truly serious about security, so all images you send to them are protected from third-party access and are not used for other purposes.

Result: I asked the retouchers to improve a wedding photo preserving its natural look. As a result, they performed color correction and professionally enhanced the overall look. The skin colors became smooth and natural. Besides, they removed blemishes and improved the make-up. I got the edited photo in 2 days. 

Wedding packages: Prices for packages don’t differ from those that you can find on the FixThePhoto site. The Standard Pack costs $199; it includes 700 edited pics (color correction). The Pro Pack costs $199. It includes color correction and simple editing of 20 photos.

3. Wedding-Retouching   

Pricing: color correction — $0.25 per photo, basic retouching — $2.50 per photo 

Turnaround time: Up to 5 days

Includes: light retouch, color correction, body retouch, background removal, etc.

Wedding Photography editing service

Color correction: 9 / 10

Photo retouching: 10 / 10

Make-up adjustments: 9 / 10

Clothes editing: 9 / 10

This wedding photography editing service has been in the business since 2003. They offer fast results even during the high wedding season and have a personal approach. You can order image culling, color adjustment and natural touch-up.

The registration on the website is very simple. You can sign up with an email, Facebook, or Google account. You can also upload pics that weigh up to 50Mb.

Result: I asked the retouchers to improve my photo in a specific style and enhance the model’s face. They quickly coped with the task. My photo was professionally improved. Besides fine-tuning colors, they also edited the skin tone while preserving its natural look. I received the result a day after placing the order.

Wedding packages: The price for editing a batch of photos is pretty affordable. The Light package costs $119 and Pro costs $199.

4. ShootDotEdit

Pricing: from $119 per month

Turnaround time: 48 hours

Includes: color correction, advanced retouching, portrait enhancement, etc.

Wedding Photography editing service

Color correction: 7 / 10

Photo retouching: 7 / 10

Make-up adjustments: 9 / 10

Clothes editing: 8 / 10

ShootDotEdit was founded in 2007. This company provides personalized photo enhancement services. These guys have an individual approach to each client, which allows them to completely satisfy their requirements. They complete orders within 48 hours.

The service cooperates with professional wedding shooters and accepts only batch orders from 700 photographs.

Result: To test the company’s services, I sent them wedding pics from the recent photo shooting. I received good shots with improved skin tone, make-up, and hairstyle. Yet, the color correction was unnatural. They didn’t edit the pictures in my style.

Wedding packages: This wedding photography editing service has several plans. The Rollover Plan costs $119 a month. It includes personalized color correction and styling, as well as 1 wedding or 2 portrait jobs per month. The Unlimited Plan costs $299. It includes unlimited color correction, styling, and an unlimited number of events a month.

5. RAW Digital Lab

Pricing: AUD 1.00 per photo 

Turnaround time: 10 days for full wedding

Includes: temperature and exposure adjustment, highlight recovery, shadows, white/black clipping, color adjustments and noise reduction, etc.

Wedding Photography editing service

Color correction: 8 / 10

Photo retouching: 7 / 10

Make-up adjustments: 6 / 10

Clothes editing: 7 / 10

RAW Digital Lab provides professional services for wedding photographers who need to edit their photos. The company cooperates with photographers from all over the world and provides a full cycle of editing and culling services. You will get your edited pics within 10 days. So, your clients will get their wedding shots as quickly as possible.

The company has a strict privacy policy, so your valuable photographs won’t be used by third parties. Unfortunately, only professional shooters may order the company’s services.

Result: My photos were enhanced within 5 days. The retouchers performed basic photo correction, improved the contrast and colors. However, they missed some details. Neither the bride’s face nor her accessories look ideal.

Wedding packages: The price depends on the number of photos. For example, you will pay 250 Australian dollars for 200 shots. Culling and post-processing services for 2,500 photos will cost you 50 Australian dollars.

6. Photographer’s Edit

Pricing: custom color — $0.24 per photo, retouching — $1 per photo 

Turnaround time: Up to 8 days

Includes: culling and custom color, retouching, etc.

Wedding Photography editing service

Color correction: 5 / 10

Photo retouching: 6 / 10

Make-up adjustments: 7 / 10

Clothes editing: 7 / 10

Photographer’s Edit specializes in custom wedding photo editing, portrait photo editing and commercial photo editing. They work with expert photographers around the globe. The retouchers perform the culling by removing duplicate images, deleting photos with unflattering facial expressions and bad composition. Next, they enhance the rest of the shots.

These guys can get rid of flyaway hair, remove skin blemishes, whiten eyes and teeth, replace backgrounds, swap heads, etc. What’s more, they will edit your photos following your style. You can provide up to 3 editing samples and pick the style that you want them to apply. The retouchers will make all the necessary changes and take into account your style preferences.

Result: My wedding shots were ready in 4 days. The team tweaked colors and improved the skin tone. However, they didn’t manage to follow the style.

Wedding packages: This company doesn’t have packages or plans that include specific photography post production services. The price depends on the number of services that you need to edit. They provide custom retouching services that cost $40 an hour. You can describe in detail what you want to see in the photos.

7. Color Experts

Pricing: from $0.49 per photo 

Turnaround time: 24 hours

Includes: culling, photo retouching, HDR photo blending, background removal, etc.

Wedding Photography editing service

Color correction: 7 / 10

Photo retouching: 6 / 10

Make-up adjustments: 6 / 10

Clothes editing: 5 / 10

Color Experts is a wedding photography editing service with 30 years of experience. The company mostly works with expert graphic designers, advertising agencies, magazine publishers, photographers, and more. They offer batch processing services that include culling, professional retouching, object removal, etc.

Although the company’s website seems outdated, it is really convenient and easy to use. You will easily find a price list and a page with before/after shots. Sample photos are located in one place, but they are small and have poor quality.

Result: The company sent the improved shots rather quickly, but I didn’t like the results. They didn’t fully meet my color correction and retouching requirements. Because of the revisions, the whole editing process took 3 days.Wedding packages: This service doesn’t have packages for those who want to process many pics at a reasonable price.

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