Top 8 Trending Instagram Hashtags in 2022


Hashtags have been in use for decades across the globe of computers, way before the term was created or included within the Oxford English Dictionary in 2014. In the world of social media, the very first well-known hashtag was introduced to Twitter at the end of 2007 by Chris Messina, a social tech expert who was looking to collect online conversations about – – an international community of technology-related conferences on the web in the same place.

We all recognize the potential of hashtags to aid users locate our content and this is no different for the most popular Instagram hashtags. Use hashtags that are trending on Instagram to assist the users as well as other content creators locate relevant content, promote your business, or give your opinion about a particular topic.

At present, you can add 30 hashtags or more on an ordinary Instagram post as well as up to 10 in a story, however we wouldn’t recommend you go over the limit. It’s tempting to use numerous hashtags in the hope of getting the most followers possible (check the top-followed Instagram accounts) However, you shouldn’t be attracting followers who aren’t interested in your content and won’t be likely to engage with your content and/or follow you on Instagram. Instead, you should limit yourself to a handful of hashtags that have a real meaning to your story or post and will probably draw more attention from your intended people. Some people even buy Instagram Followers and think, it will help in getting better reach, but still it is debatable.

If you’re really keen to play around with some of the more well-known Instagram hashtags to find out how they work out, then this article is about.

What hashtags are popular on Instagram at the moment and what Instagram hashtags will last beyond 2021 before crossing into 2022?

Top 8 Trending Instagram Hashtags


We have love at the very top of our list for needs however, it is also on very top of our list of popular Instagram hashtags.

If you search at”love” on Instagram, you’ll see that it’s not just for couples “love” on Instagram, it’s not just for relationships and couples and relationships, but for all kinds of things. Instagram users love using #love to share photos of their friends with them or share a gorgeous picture of the landscape, an impressive portrait, a cute dog or room that is stunning, or even an image that represents self-love. Many make use of #love to post about something they are passionate about.


It’s among those popular hashtags that people do not know what it’s about, and then use it in their pictures. #instagood should be used for the best quality photos that you can identify as those that appear like a professional photographer took them – not for random selfies or selfies that users use it to create. Of of course, there are beautiful photos among them however the hashtag instagood should be an exclusive collection of stunning, professional-looking images. People love using every opportunity Appyeet ,they can to boost their profile and who can be blamed?


A few people make use of this hashtag on a whim to post their daily photo however photooftheday actually can be described as an Instagram account that hosts every day a contest that has winners who get their image posted on the account. The only requirement to be eligible is that you use the hashtag #photooftheday when uploading your picture. It is advisable to be sure that your’re going to buy real Instagram Followers Canada from a reputable service provider.


It’s fairly easy to explain and, so far, the only hashtag that gives real-time results as to what it refers to. It is the hashtag that is used by fashionistas everywhere who wish to share their outfits, or by those who wish to share creative fashion-related content.


Like #love, #beautiful is also a highly subjective hashtag because according to the saying, beauty is all in the eyes of the observer. Instagram users use #beautiful to share anything they think is beautiful, such as selfies of themselves, famous people and nature, adorable pets clothes, artwork, and so on.


#Happy is a hashtag that used by people who are happy or want to share things that make them smile. In the end, it’s a lot of joy collected in one spot So if you’re in need of some positivity it might be a good idea to follow this hashtag.


There’s a lot of cuteness coming at you. This is where you should be when you’re looking to see adorable photos of adorable baby animals and infants and also sexy women. I think that certain people ruin the hashtag with too much sexiness , which ought to be on a separate hashtag, but it’s a lot of cuteness be found.

#tbt #tbt means “throwback Thursday” is used by people who want to reminisce not necessarily about a particular Thursday or a particular day, but rather about an event in their own or someone else’s

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