Top benefits of having a group health insurance from your employer


Whenever our health is concerned, we try to take the best precautions against diseases, eat the right kind of food, and do a lot of workouts so that we can live a healthy life. But are all these enough and after doing each of these, can we really be healthy? Well, no matter how hard we try, we all are going to get sick and may even have to take rounds of the hospitals when we grow old. What may be a reason of great concern to most people, is the steep hospital bill that we receive after our treatment is over. Everyone can’t pay such a huge bill; at the same time getting treatment at the hospital is important. This is the reason people choose a health insurance policy.

When you buy a health insurance policy, it becomes easier for you to get treatment as the payment of bills is taken care of by the insurance company. The coverage you get out of the insurance plan depends on the kind of insurance plan that you have bought.

These days getting a health insurance plan is easier as almost all employers offer such policies. The insurance offered by employers is called group health insurance. Before going further, let us first understand the concept of group health insurance.

What is group health insurance?

Often also called corporate health insurance or mediclaim policy, a group health insurance policy is the one that provides coverage to a group of people. This kind of policy is offered by employers to build trust as well as loyalty within their employees. In group health insurance, the amount of premium is paid by the employer.

Benefits of group health insurance that can be availed by employees

Certain group health insurance benefits can be availed by employees. Let us discuss some of them:

Free health insurance coverage

A base policy of a group health insurance is bought by the employer and is offered completely free of cost to the employees. If you as an employee feel that you may need some more coverage, you can get it by adding an extra cost.

Quicker turnaround time

One of the main advantages of group health coverage is a quick query or super fats claim settlement for all the employees of an organization. The organizations are fond of insurance companies that provide priority services to their employees.

Easy access to family health insurance

If you go ahead and purchase a family floater health insurance policy that will cover you, your spouse, children, parents; the premiums to be paid can be too high.  However, a group health plan usually covers the immediate family members of the employee, and you do not even need to pay any extra amount for paying the premium. In addition to this, group health insurance enables you to have access to policy for parents, which is most difficult because of their age and the existing medical conditions.

No waiting period

The insurance companies in general come with a waiting period clause, especially when it is about maternity benefits, pre-existing ailments, and many more. According to the clause, an insured individual does not have the right to raise a claim for the above mentioned conditions at least for some years. However, with group health insurance, you will not have to face any such thing. In this, the coverage starts from the very first day.

Apart from these, several other benefits come with a group health insurance policy. If you want to know more about group health insurance, you can go through the website of IIFL.

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