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Businesses are not just flourishing offline. They need to be very much on top where technological availability is concerned. Luckily, as businesses are growing, so are their technological requirements, and thereby, there are many new software tools available in the market that make jobs easier for businesses to expand and scale at different levels. More and more businesses, however, small or medium-sized are taking advantage of tools and software.

Let us look at some of the 3 top tools’ attributes that most online businesses need to use and what they use they are really of. Don’t go blindly investing in software that may actually be good but not good enough for your business because your business needs are different.


One of the most utility-based financial management tools is Freshbooks. It helps users to deal with recurring invoices and also allows integrated business payments through cards, Paypal, and Google Checkout. It seamlessly integrates with any business model and ensures that a linear process is followed wherein you get the visibility in which direction your business is moving. It is a complete suite and everything is accessible within the same dashboard.

Some of the easy features: Simpler and powerful solution as it integrates with in-house best payroll software and best HR software, optimized for mobile, and allows online payment. The online payment module is dynamic and there is easy billing history management via billing software.

Sage 50Cloud: 

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One of the best online tools wherein you can design small to medium-sized businesses can design financials and take care of their taxation and reporting requirements. It has some of the most useful platforms like taxes management, inventory and budgetary flow, cash-flow management, and inventory management. There is a range of add-ons that you get with this – including best HR software, Payroll management, POS, and e-commerce data management.

Some great features include training and support, accounting work is made easy, and provides bank-level protection.

NetSuite ERP: 

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NetSuite is a combination of the general ledger and financial tools packed with eCommerce, sales, and marketing, and together it becomes a full suite-based solution for your business. Also, automated communication, tracking sales in the pipeline, quotes, and estimates, and sync calendars – can be managed by the sales dashboard. You get elegant dashboards to track the KPIs of your business and plan your next venture accordingly. It is the best ERP software.

Features not to miss – single tool handles almost all business verticals, modern-day and fully mobile, instant configuration and execution and you get an idea if your business is missing anything instantly.

There are many such efficient tools available in the market that makes doing business easy – both online and offline. Good tools help not only manage your work but also give you visibility regarding the direction of work and accordingly allows you to make suggestions and changes to your own business.

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