Training a Dog – Teaching him to Stay Down

Training a Dog

Training a dog is no easy task especially when you are dealing with an angry Pomeranian Dog. Your pet will learn to respond to you and your commands, but you will need to keep up with the behavior. Dogs are creatures of habit and they also have the tendency to follow the pack leader, i.e. the person who is in charge. In order to train a dog properly, you must adopt a leadership role yourself or hire a dog trainer.

Give Privileges to Your Dog

The first rule is to make him/her learn that they can have all the goodies and treats that you have at hand, but they have to be trained first. Begin by giving your dog only limited privileges; food, water and a place to sleep are the basic necessities. Give them a relaxed state, devoid of any activity that would tire them. Give them all the love and attention that they can possibly get, as this establishes you as their pack leader and that they will do as you tell them. Give them enough space so that they can run and play freely.

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Verbal Communication

When you see your dog getting anxious or disoriented about something, tell him or her calmly, “Relax”. While still in a relaxed state, give them a command such as “Sit”, “Stay” or “Down” and use the head halter method while stating the command. As soon as you see them sit or stay down, reward them verbally with a treat and a pat on the head. Repeat the procedure until you see that they are now settled down and contented. If you want your dog to learn the sit or stay down command verbally, practice saying the words until it becomes second nature to your dog.

Use Distractions

Use distractions to increase his/her attention when using the sit or stay down commands. Try playing with your dog while giving the cues until distractions are reduced. Do this gradually increase the time that you spend in eye contact when giving the cues.

Teach Them to Stay Down

Eventually, just telling your pet to “sit” will not cut it anymore, so you must teach them to “stay” down. To teach your dog to “stay down”, begin by sitting down while giving the desired behavior. Tell your pet to remain still and praise him as he complies. Make sure that you do this in a consistent manner and that you give the same cue each time you want your dog to remain sitting down.

Praise Your Pet

Praise your pet for remaining in place whenever they get excited or disinterested in whatever activity you are doing. Using a hand gesture, call your dog over to you, stand next to them, and give the desired behavior by raising your palm. When they obey, reward eye contact and praise again. Continue to repeat the process until he is consistently following your commands. Once he has mastered this simple gesture, you can begin to teach him new behaviors such as coming when called.

Professional Treats and Rewards

If you are not comfortable using your hands to train your dog, you may need to invest in some professional treats to reward the correct behavior. Begin by sprinkling your pet with several treats when he performs the desired behavior. As he becomes more proficient, you can introduce larger treats and larger amounts of praise. You may need to experiment with different rewards until you find one that works best for your pet. Moreover, You can stay in touch with some quality online blogs to keep learning.

Set Realistic and Reasonable Goals Training Your Pet Dog

The key to successfully training a dog lies in your ability to set realistic and reasonable goals for your dog. Always keep in mind that progress gradually and rewards should be given intermittently. Also, set short term and long term goals for your dog’s accomplishments. For example, if you are only seeking to teach him to “sit”, do not expect your dog to “free sit”. Your goals should be easier to achieve and take longer to accomplish.


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