Tricks for How To Catch a Cheater


Our society is growing ever more progressive. We as individuals are more open to adventure and exploration than ever before. This can span all the way from spontaneous trips to Yellowstone to opening your bedroom doors to find your partner with someone else. Monogamy is a relationship standard in much of the North American way of living, but many are choosing to deviate from this path and explore a bit more than previously thought. Approximately 4 percent of adults in relationships are in open relationships or have experimented with the thought, and before you think that number is quite low, 4 percent translates to about 2.8 million U.S. couples. Now, what if you attempted non-monogamy and don’t want anything to do with it, but your spouse seemed a little too keen? Your suspicions are rising, but you don’t want to seem like your insecurities are getting the best of you …

One night, something feels a little off. You keep seeing these “red flag” memes spreading through social media like wildfire and it’s making you seriously stressed out. You know it’s not a good idea to ever follow this kind of ill feeling, but let’s be honest, there are very few happy ending stories when you find out you have a cheating husband. Against all your beliefs, you snatch up your spouse’s iPhone in the middle of the night and run into the bathroom, crouching on the toilet seat as your hands begin to shake praying that you remember his password. Read to learn more about how to catch a cheater!

How to catch them cheating, even when they swear they’re being faithful.

You tried the non-monogamy route and it wasn’t for you. Desperately seeking to bring your loving and faithful marriage back to a trusting place, you’ve headed to marriage counseling and done the deep eye contact exercises, but you cannot shake the feeling that your partner is up to no good. Saturday night, they said they were out with their buddies, but their location disappeared off of the Find My Friends App and was just spinning with “No Location Found” all evening. You cannot shake the feeling and just wish they would be honest rather than tearing your heart apart like this. Yet, you’ve found no smoking gun. No text messages, nothing on Instagram or Snapchat, no emails, NOTHING. You breathe a little easier thinking you’re in the clear. You’ll give it one final test and head to GoLookUp.

An unfaithful partner may not mean the end.

Let’s say your spouse did a remarkable job of hiding their infidelity, even going as far as creating a new email address to hide their unfaithfulness. But you’re not ready to let them go. You’ve been in love for eight years, and you cannot imagine your life without them. Your female friends urge you to walk away, but your male friends offer a more understanding perspective. They say “cheating has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the partner who cheats.” Your best guy friend has been in an “ethically non-monogamous” marriage for 12 years, and he and his partner are the happiest couple you’ve ever seen. But does that mean you have to give up your morals and your right to feel safe in your relationship?These are all valid questions that will only continue to grow as the world becomes more tied to online communication. Don’t fret, though: About 4 in 10 marriages fall prey to infidelity, and about half of those marriages overcome the affair. Whether an indiscretion is the end of your relationship or a potential new doorway to enter, honesty and communication are the only way to support a happy and loving commitment. And if the honesty is only coming from one partner, you’ve got GoLookUp to aid you in discovering the truth.

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